Are you looking for your baby's first cot? Your baby will minimally spend 12 to 18 hours a day resting in their baby cot and its imperative that you find the most suitable one. At Hatchery, our range of baby cots are curated from the best baby brands from around the world. Our key priority is your baby's comfort and safety. 

Our range of baby cots includes everything from modern and convertible options, to luxe cots that will fit nicely as the centrepiece of your nursery room. Most of our cots are convertible and can be used from your baby’s infanthood to toddlerhood. Contact us to get recommendations, or browse our FAQs below that may help.

Note that some of our baby cots are only available via pre-order.

For a list of the cots that are immediately available, check out our list of in-stock items.


What's the difference between a cot and a crib?

Nothing! Crib is commonly used in American English while Cot is used in British English.

What are the best cots to purchase?

This may depend partly on your needs, but on the whole, you need baby cots that meet international safety standards, that are made of high quality materials, and that are easy to clean. All of the cots we carry tick those boxes.

What are convertible cots?

These are cots that come with conversion kits that allow you to convert them from traditional cots to toddler beds or cot beds. This gives them amazing versatility as well as longevity of use. The typical cot lasts till 18-24months, our convertible cots can be used up to 5 years old.