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    Elvie is a health and lifestyle brand developing smarter technology for women. Its innovative products support and empower women of all ages.

    Elvie combines research and innovation to create extraordinary products that improve women’s lives and, ultimately, transform the way women think and feel about themselves.

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    How to choose a breast pump

    Choosing a breast pump can be a little bit overwhelming, especially for first-time mums, as there are so many that are available in the market. How do you know exactly what type you need - do you need an electric pump, a double pump, or a manual pump?

    Breastfeeding vs pumping

    Breastfeeding gives your baby the nutrients they need during this stage in their life, and even antibodies they need to fight off viruses and bacteria. Unlike breastfeeding, you can pump milk anytime you want! This is especially helpful if you’re returning to work, or can’t be around your baby 24/7 to latch whenever your little one gets hungry. There's no right answer to which is better, the best choice is the one (or combination) that works best for you and your baby.

    Benefits of a hands-free breast pump

    Elvie’s wearable breast pump allows you to multitask while pumping, and fits right into your nursing bra. It’s also silent, wireless, and easy-to-clean, allowing working moms to use it in the office and pump away discreetly while answering emails!

    What is the difference between Elvie Pump and Elvie Stride?

    Elvie Pump is our most advanced breast pump. It provides Elvie’s most sophisticated in-bra smart pumping technology. It’s smaller, quieter and smarter than Elvie Stride. Being totally tube-free, it’s the option for ultimate discretion. It offers moms game-changing freedom to move and feel confident pumping anywhere they dare.

    Elvie Stride offers moms discreet pumping, hands-free movement and smart app features. It also has hospital-grade performance. Unlike Elvie Pump, there is a small Hub which sits outside of the bra. This can be clipped to a belt or clothing to keep your hand and body free to move.

    Breastfeeding essentials at Hatchery Cribs

    If you’re looking for breast pumps, nursery essentials, or any other pregnancy-related items in Singapore, feel free to reach out to us or visit our website. You may also want to take a look at our showroom to see any essentials you think you might need for yourself and your precious little one!