I need assistance to assemble the Hauck Alpha+ High Chair.

Instruction Manuals

We recommend referring to this video on how to assemble the high chair. We recommend two people to fix the high chair, one to hold the pieces upright, and the other to fix it. Do not stand the chair on its feet before it is fixed. Doing so may cause the panel to topple and damage the pieces. If you require assembling service, the fee is $30. Please contact us at or +65-88228944.

I have assembled my high chair and it is shaky.

If your high chair is shaky after being assembled, please unscrew all the screws and then re-tighten them again. It may be due to one side being tighter than the other, resulting in the chair being shaky. Another possibility may be due to uneven flooring. If this is the case, we recommend using chair felt pads to be stuck at the bottom of the affected leg(s) to make it less shaky.

I broke my wooden dowel pin(s). What should I do?

No worries at all! We have 3 options for you to choose from: 1) We can send you similar dowel pins at $2/pin, with your preferred delivery option ($3 normal mail/ $5 courier). Please contact us at or +65-88228944. 2) We can arrange for our delivery team to help assemble your chair, at an installation fee of $30 per chair. Please contact us at or +65-88228944. 3) Alternatively, if you would like to purchase wooden dowel/dowel pins online, the width of the dowels required for the chair is 8mm.

There are with some issues with the wood finishing, for example, there are black lines, difference in colour between the panels, little holes in the wood etc.

Wood, like all natural materials, has inherent disparities in color and grain pattern. Every part of the high chair will have its own unique variation that may include knots, black lines, color difference, tiger grain, color variation or shadows, and may have slight differences in finishing. If you encounter any black lines, colour difference in wood panels or little holes, it is due to the nature of the wood and part of the manufacturing process and these will not be considered as defects. Please be assured they do not affect the function of the high chair. If you have further concerns regarding this, please contact us at or +65-88228944.

I have missing screw(s)/part(s).

Kindly refer to the image below for the items included in the packaging of your high chair: You can also refer to the page 6 of the instruction manual. If you you did not receive any of the parts above, please contact us at or +65-88228944.

The front bar (Panel G) is wider than the seat plate and I'm unable to fit it into the high chair.

The front bar (Panel G) is designed to be wider as it is supported by 2 dowels pins on each side. When you tighten the screws of left and right A-frame panels, they will secure the front bar (Panel G) tightly.

I am unable to screw the metal rod in fully.

The metal rod in the center is designed to be slightly shorter. This is such that overtime, if the wood becomes slightly softer, the rod will still be able tight enough to secure the seat plate and foot plate. Just ensure that the screws are fully tightened.

The screw(s) for the metal rod is/are still loose after screwing it/them into the sides.

The screws should not be loose after screwing it into the metal rod, it might be that the screws or the inner rim of the metal rod is defective. Kindly contact us at or +65-88228944 with a video of the issue and we will assist you accordingly.

There are cracks/chips/splinters on my panel(s). Is this a defect?

Cracked and chipped panels are considered a manufacturing defect. If you encounter cracks and chips in your panels, kindly contact us at or +65-88228944 with the images of your panels and we will assist you accordingly. However, kindly note that we will not be liable for any defect nor damage done to the high chair during installation. If there are any defects to the chair, please let us know before the chair is assembled.


How do I clean the high chair?

After each use, we recommend:

  • Brushing off loose crumbs
  • Wiping down the high chair to remove food particles (ensure the cloth is not too damp)
  • Sanitizing the tray/eating surface
Please avoid soaking or using the bleach as it will cause discoloration and weakening the wood structure.

How do I use the Alpha+ baby harness with the Alpha+ Tray?

You can use both the harness and tray concurrently. Please refer to page 10-11 of the instruction manual here.

How do I adjust the height of the seat and foot plate of my high chair?

To adjust the seat or foot plate, use an Allen key to loosen the screws on one side of the A-frame panel and you can start adjusting the plates. You can also refer to the page 24-25 of the instruction manual.

The high chair exhibits some marks and scratches on the surface after using it for some time.

The high chair is not scratch-proof as it is made of wood. The surface is prone to scratches and marks with a hard or sharp object. This is considered a result of normal wear and tear of the product.