10 Best Baby Shower Theme Ideas 2021

baby shower gifts

With everyone excited about your baby’s arrival, planning a baby shower is one of the most fun activities to do. But with so many ideas and themes to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming.

We’re here to help! Be mindful of hosting large gatherings at this time, though, as there is still an ongoing pandemic. You can opt for smaller, more intimate parties instead, or choose to invite your additional guests via Zoom!

Here are the 10 best baby shower themes for 2021.

1. Little Honey Bee

baby shower bee themed party

For the dads and mums to bee! This is perfect for those who love neutral palettes and those who would like to go for a gender-neutral theme. Yellow, white, black and honey-gold are the colours you can play with for this theme.

You can draw inspiration from these colours for your balloons along with pops of flowers as baby shower decorations. You can even order a honeycomb-shaped (or even flavoured) cake to complete this theme!

Small honey pots or even beeswax lip balms can make for great party favours for your guests. (Image: @angelashevchuk Instagram)

2. Woodland

woodlan party for baby

This rustic theme is another option for neutral lovers and is suitable for both boys and girls. You can even include real plants and look for tree-trunk like cake stands for the desserts. Make it more interesting by adding on woodland animals in your baby shower decorations with animals such as foxes, deers and owls.

Feel like recycling? If you have some leftover pinecones from Christmas laying around, you can use them as decorations for your baby shower too!

Brown and white desserts or others with earthy colours complement this theme well. As party favours, you can give your guests mini candles with the scent of nature. Isn’t that pinetastic!

3. Tropical Rainforest

tropical themed table setting ideal for party

As Singapore is located in the tropics, why not opt for a baby shower theme that is fitting with our environment? Take inspiration from our surroundings with decors such as tropical palm leaves and flowers.

Serve refreshing fruit juices. (You can even come up with your own fruit punch recipes! Feel free to be fun and creative!) To make it even more fun, complete this by asking your guests to dress up for the theme too.

As party favours, let your guests take a small bottle of fresh juice to enjoy on their way home!

4. Hot Air Balloon Travel

paper hot air balloons for party decoration

Up, up and away to symbolise the start of the next phase of your life, welcoming a new little addition to the family!

For this baby shower theme, you can customise it according to the classic pastel blue or pink theme, or even with a colour of your choice! If you’re up for it, you can opt to make some paper lanterns or even get some hanging decorations like these to achieve the whole aesthetic for your baby shower.

As great party favours, you can give away hot air balloon shaped cookies!

5. Safari

safari cake on top of table

For the animal lover in you, this baby shower theme might just be the one for you. Incorporate a green and golden brown colour theme into your choice of decoration and snacks to serve.

You can also have big potted plants to give guests the feeling of being in nature. If you’re hosting this at a cafe or restaurant, choose one with an outdoor patio that gives guests a feeling of being in a garden.

You can give your guests some animal-shaped biscuits as party favours.

6. Floral

floral party and a cupcake tower

If you’re having a baby girl, why not have a floral themed baby shower? Decorate your space with your favourite flowers and have floral decorated cupcakes and biscuits. You can even let your guests decorate their own flower-shaped sugar cookies to make it an engaging and interactive party.

Set up a mini floral stand with a variety of flowers ready for your guests to take home and also keep their home smelling and looking nice! This can also double up as decor for your party!

7. Beauty & the Beast