10 Best Gifts for a New Mum

perfect gift for a new mom

Being a new mum is definitely an exciting milestone. So if you’re looking to buy a gift for your partner or friends, or even a fellow expecting mum, look no further!

Here are 10 best gifts for a new mum that you can buy online.

1. A night light/white noise machine for baby

baby hanging toy on crib

This perfect combination helps babies fall and stay asleep. When the baby is sleeping well, it gives mums a chance to catch a break too!

This product keeps the room dim while releasing a soothing white noise to help calm the baby as this noise reminds them of their time in the belly. If you’re interested, you can find one on Lazada.

You can also get the product from Amazon which can be controlled from an app! It even comes with an alarm clock, which can still be useful for when their baby grows up and needs to go to school!

2. Comfortable pyjamas

women's sleepwear

Mums will most likely be on maternity leave for the few months following her baby’s birth. All she will want is to be in something comfortable while taking care of her baby at home.

A comfortable set of pyjamas doesn’t have to be plain, dull, and boring though - you can get her something that’s stylish and comfy! There’s a lot to choose from on Zalora. (You might even be tempted to get one for yourself!)

There’s also a local brand called Sleebbee offering quality pyjamas made from bamboo fabric, complete with designs that are chic!

3. Bedding bundles

babyletto fleeting nursery set of mattress and bedding

First-time mums usually make their way through a “things to buy for my newborn” list, especially when it comes to buying nursery essentials such as cribs, hampers, clothes, and beddings.

With that, you might want to get her a stylish bedding set for her little one, such as the ones we have here on Hatchery.

You can choose from various adorable little prints such as tulips, flora and fauna or even galaxy themed ones!

4. Baby carrier

mother wrapping her baby on a carrier

This is perfect for mothers who are always on-the-go, especially those who need to run errands such as picking up groceries or other household essentials.

Tula offers a variety of baby carriers that come in stylish prints. These carriers are suitable for use from birth up till your child is a good 2-3 years old!

5. Breast pump

elvie breast pump lifestyle photo

For a convenient, hands-free way to pump, breast pumps are a mother’s breast friend.

With this nursing accessory, mums can multitask and move freely around the house, or even just pump from a more comfortable, reclined position in their nursing chairs.

If you’re looking for options, check out Elvie’s wireless breast pump. They’re silent, fit directly into a nursing bra, and can even be connected to an app for monitoring and tracking!