The 5 Most Important Baby Nursery Essentials in Singapore

Updated: Apr 14

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It can be overwhelming when making a list of items you need in your baby’s nursery as the list is simply endless! Let’s start with the top 5 baby nursery essentials to prioritize and understand their crucial functions, making sure that you’re only getting what you really need.

1. Sturdy Crib

The crib or cot is a necessity for babies because it’s practically their “home base”. It’s not advisable to keep babies in adults’ or children’s beds because these typically don’t have raised sides to keep them safe and secure.

Big beds also tend to have more pillows and other surfaces where newborns may be at higher risk of suffocation. A crib (especially a bare one) is much safer for a newborn baby.

Start your search for your baby’s haven by ensuring their crib is durable, safe, and has adjustable mattress heights.


Hatchery_blog12 scoot 3 in 1 convertible crib

Look for a convertible crib that can last them throughout their toddler years. A classic favourite with beautifully rounded corners is the Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib that converts from a baby crib to a toddler bed, and finally a day bed (up to 23kg). This versatile feature allows the crib to grow with your baby and is a must-have for every practical parent!


Get a crib that is professionally certified as a safe product. A crib with GREENGUARD Gold Certificate is ideal, as it ensures a non-toxic finishing with low to no harmful chemical emissions. Avoid traditional wood finishes or paints that are mildly toxic or are allergens. Babies tend to put anything and everything in their mouths, hence, not having a professionally certified crib will pose a safety issue, especially during your child's teething stage.

Avoid drop-side cribs as their convenient mechanism has unfortunately led to numerous infant accidents and fatalities, and has since been recalled and banned in the U.S.

Made of solid New Zealand pinewood, the sturdy Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib also sports a non-toxic finish and hidden hardware

Adjustable mattress heights

It’s very important to make sure the crib can accommodate your baby’s growing height, as they learn how to turn, stand and even jump. Lower the mattress height as your child grows older to maintain a safe height to prevent your child from leaning too far over. A good number would be 3-4 adjustable mattress height levels.

2. Extra Firm Mattress

Pair your crib with an extra firm mattress for optimal safety and support. Suitable support is essential in developing your newborn’s delicate backbone and motor skills as they learn how to turn and push themselves up.

Make sure you can stick no more than two fingers in the space between the mattress edge and the crib frame. Look for a mattress with a certified safety label such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification or GREENGUARD GOLD Certification to ensure it’s safe for your baby.

Bonus: Get a mattress with a waterproof cover to keep it leak-free!

For a more comprehensive guide on choosing the best mattress for your baby, you can read it here.

3. Supportive Nursing Pillow

Hatchery_blog12 mother with baby on nursing pillow

Nursing pillows aren’t just for the baby but for the parents too! They can be used to provide extra support when nursing and holding your baby. Subsequently, they can be used as a baby lounger as well.

Choosing the right nursing pillow depends on your primary needs and what feels comfortable for you. They come in various shapes and sizes, some for multiple functions, including sleeping.

If possible, do check it out in person before purchasing. Try out the nursing pillow to see how it fits your body and the flexibility for usage in different positions for nursing your baby. Make sure it provides enough support, especially for your arms, as you’ll likely be spending a lot of time holding your baby.

Pro tip: Look for a pillow with a removable cover for washing and the option to refill the pillow to combat eventual flattening. This ensures hygiene as well as longevity of use.

The Doomoo Buddy checks all of those boxes and is perfect for sleeping, nursing, and lounging - use it beyond your pregnancy days. Check it out here in person!

4. Relaxing Nursing Chair

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Another perfect match would be a Nursing Chair + Nursing Pillow because it makes nursing and relaxing with the baby so much more comfortable.

Thoughtfully designed to provide more flexibility for lengthy feeds and good back support, the best nursing chairs have the rocking function to help soothe your baby or lull them to sleep.

The Piper Recliner and Swivel Glider is the ultimate favourite. Enjoy its impeccable comfort and reclining features while being space-savvy.

Moreover, a good nursing chair can serve as a cosy bedtime reading corner and eventually a regular addition to your living room after your child is past nursing age for anyone to enjoy!

5. Versatile High Chair

Hatchery_blog12 baby on hauck alpha highchair with bouncer

A common conception for high chairs is that it’s only needed in the later months (~6 months onwards) when your baby is starting on solids. It’s not wrong unless you are getting a versatile highchair that is usable from birth onwards.

The Hauck Alpha+ High Chair is a practical high chair that accompanies your child for a lifetime - it can adapt to different configurations with compatible add-ons and a height-adjustable seat and footplate.

The Alpha+ High Chair is usable from birth till 9kg when paired with the Alpha Bouncer 2-in-1, and it includes a safety harness, seat insert, and frame so it can double up as a bouncer on the floor during playtime. This convenient configuration allows your little bub to join the family at the table, and it’s also great for elevation. Now, there’s no need to bend down to check on them!