5 Baby Products for First Time Parents in Singapore

two babies inside a white crib laughing

Are you a first-time parent in Singapore trying to figure out what to prepare for your baby? If you feel overwhelmed, don’t worry: that’s perfectly natural.

We’re here to help you out with that. Here, we’ll give you a list of five baby products that first-time parents in Singapore should get. We’ll also explain why each one is a must-have.

In any case, let’s begin so you can find out about some of the top things to get when you do go to a baby shop in Singapore.

1. A Portable Changing Pad

newborn baby inside Doomoo Basics Nursery Bag

All first-time parents need a portable changing pad. Many will argue that it’s actually optional, but we disagree.

You see, without a portable changing pad, you’d have to put your little one on a hard surface in order to change him outside of the house. What’s more, you’d have to put him on a potentially unclean surface each time.

Sure, you can wipe down the surface first, but wouldn’t it be easier to address both that and the concern about comfort/support by using a changing pad?

There are a lot of portable changing pads sold in the average baby shop in Singapore now, fortunately. A particularly good option is the Doomoo Basics Nursery Bag.

We love it because it does double-duty. It can be a storage bag for all your baby paraphernalia as well as a carrycot that can serve as a changing pad… as well as a portable solution when your baby wants to indulge in some sleepytime while you’re travelling.

It even has 5 distinct storage compartments for easy gear separation. Moreover, it features stroller attachment straps, a pacifier case, and an easy-convert design.

2. A Play Mat

Lille Verden play mat

Why bother with a play mat, you ask?

Easy: because babies are very, very clumsy.

They can easily knock their heads, elbows, knees, and other parts of their little bodies on the floor when they’re crawling around.

You could technically just put a rug or even carpet on the floor. But believe it or not, that’s not advisable.

Rugs and carpets, especially those with a lot of fibres, trap dirt that can be bad for your baby. They can also hold allergens that aren’t great for your baby too.

That’s why it’s better to use a thick, supportive, easy-to-clean play mat.

For example, we like the Lille Verden play mats - they pretty much tick all the right boxes!

Not only is each 15mm-thick mat made of high-quality and nontoxic TPU foam, but the range comes in some beautiful designs.

One of our favourites is the Marmor version, which features a beautiful white-marble design.

3. A Lightweight Stroller

Blue Hauck Swift Plus Stroller

Yes, every parent needs a stroller… for obvious reasons. But we want to be specific about advising that parents get lightweight ones!

Why? Because strollers can get very heavy.

When you already have a child to worry about plus the diaper bag and all the rest of your baby essentials, the last thing you want is unnecessary kilograms.

That’s when a sturdy but lightweight stroller, particularly a one-hand-fold stroller, can be very handy.

Of course, you don’t want to sacrifice your little one’s safety just for the sake of convenience. So, you need to look for one that has been certified and tested to meet the highest standards.

One of our favourites is the Hauck Swift Plus Stroller, a German-designed and tested one-hand-fold stroller. It weighs a mere 6.7kg, yet it can carry newborns and even babies up to 18kg.

4. A Portable Breast Pump

Portable Elvie Breast Pump

This only applies if you plan to breastfeed, of course. If not, feel free to move right along to the last item on our list!

In any case, why a portable one? Because you’ll likely have other chores to do even while pumping milk.

There’s no reason you have to sacrifice one task for the other if you have the best portable breast pumps.