5 Tips For Choosing A Nursing Chair

mother and daughter reading a children's book together sitting on babyletto nursing chair

Most mums try to breastfeed their little ones for as long as possible, but we all know how challenging it can be to do so! Having a comfortable nursing chair to breastfeed or pump can make all the difference.

With so many choices in the market, how do you know which one to pick? Here are some tips to determine which breastfeeding chair is right for you.

Ask yourself if you really need one

Asian pregnant mother sitting on her chair

Before you start browsing the different brands and models available in baby stores, think if you really need a nursing chair at home.

If you’re planning to return to work soon, or expect to find yourself out and about running errands every other day, you may not get much use out of a dedicated nursing chair.

Alternatively, you can consider identifying a comfortable spot at home on the sofa or in the bedroom where you can feed your baby instead.

Or you can select an option that’ll serve as more than a nursing chair, which leads us to our next point!

Pick an option that’ll last

Babyletto tuba extra wide swivel glider winter grey weave nursing chair

No one said that a nursing chair has to be used only for breastfeeding or pumping. So why not explore ones that can also serve as a regular, comfy armchair even after your baby’s grown out of milk feeds?

We’re particularly pleased that the Da Vinci or Babyletto nursing chairs we have serve mums and kids well beyond their toddler years!

They’re comfortable not only for breastfeeding tots, but also for relaxing after a tiring day. And when your little one grows up, these nursing chairs can even serve as his favourite reading chair before bedtime.

Not to mention their sleek designs can definitely fit into any living room set up!

Identify the features you want

Davinci baby Piper Recliner and Swivel Glider nursing chair

There are various styles of nursing chairs now, ones that rock, glide, swivel and even recline! Some even come with USB charging ports. However, choose one you’re most comfortable with and one that doesn’t limit your movement.

Or you could pick an option that combines multiple features, like the Piper Recliner and Swivel Glider. It has a 360-degree swivel motion and allows you to rock or glide if you’re trying to put your baby to sleep in it.

The chair also has a reclining function and a retractable leg rest, making it comfortable to catch a quick cat nap in it if you’d like!

Select one that’s easy to use and keep clean

Davinci baby Owen glider and ottoman dark gray with cream piping nursing chair

Can you easily get in and out of the nursing chair? And with your baby in hand?

Remember, you’ll likely be using this chair right after you’ve just delivered and your mobility may be slightly restricted during this time (especially if you’ve had a C-section).

Another thing to consider is how easily you can clean it. After all, feeding a baby can get messy.

Consider getting a fabric water shield to help protect the upholstery from any moisture. Alternatively, you can spot clean by using an damp cloth to dap at the stained areas or put a blanket/cloth on areas more vulnerable to stains.

Check for safe and practical design

Asian mother playing with baby at home

You’ll want to pick a chair that’s well cushioned, with no exposed hardware or sharp edges in its design. These could pose as safety hazards, especially when your little one starts getting active and moves around as you feed him!

Make sure the nursing chair has adequate lumbar support as well, which will help tremendously with preventing back aches caused by bad posture while breastfeeding. (This will also make all the difference to your night feeds!)

Ready to shop for your nursing chair?

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You’re also welcome to schedule a visit to our showroom to try out the different models of nursing chairs for yourself. Simply book an appointment so we know when to expect you!