5 Ways To Make A Healthier Home For Your Baby

Lila Crib on a nursery room

Every parent wants the best for their children, they get the best car seats, put up safety gates, get the best baby cribs, and more. They do these to keep their kids safe and give them the best environment to be able to reach their fullest potential.

For most of us, we spend at least half of our lives inside our homes without realising the relationship between our house and our health. Especially for a baby, whose immune system is still new and building their tolerance to the world around them, it’s important to ensure that we keep their environments healthy and safe.

A baby’s lungs and respiratory system are also still sensitive and developing, so keeping your baby’s living environment healthy and free of pollutants can help to prevent allergies and other respiratory problems from occurring.

Compared to adults, babies take in more of the toxic substances from their environment because they eat, drink and breathe more in comparison to their body size. Babies also tend to be curious and may place toys or other items into their mouths as they discover the world around them.

This puts them at a greater risk of experiencing lifelong effects when exposed to toxic chemicals in their environment. Hence, keeping their environment clean and healthy should be a priority.

Below, we’ll explore ways to make your home a healthy and safe one for your baby.

1. Get rid of dust

asian woman with broom sweeping floor

Dust naturally accumulates in the home. Ensure that you get rid of them easily and effectively by having a good quality vacuum, a damp cloth, or a mop. If you have a crawling child, vacuum at least once a week.

In addition, make it a habit to remove your shoes before entering the house. Dirt, chemicals, and dust tend to stick to the bottom of our shoes and are then carried into the home. It’s also helpful to reduce clutter and keep toys in closed containers to prevent dust from building up and make cleaning up an easier process.

2. Go natural when cleaning