5 Ways To Make Your Home Safe For Your Baby

safe happy baby playing at home

Baby-proofing the house is one of the most important things on a parent's to-do list.

The problem is, it's also a task that can all too quickly turn overwhelming.

Fortunately for you, we're here to help. Today we'll take you through five of our top tips for making your home safe for your baby.

1. Ensure your chosen baby furniture has been tested for safety.

davinci furniture in autumn crib and dresser

It's important to do this for obvious reasons.

You have to be certain that whatever you choose has been designed with a baby's safety and security in mind.

That means it should have met standards in weight or stress, should have the right dimensions (think of the difference in rail height between baby and toddler cribs, for example), etc.

The best nursery furniture brands even go as far as to test for pollutants.

DaVinci nursery furniture is Greenguard Gold certified, for instance, because it's free of harmful VOCs.

Be sure to check such things before you purchase baby furniture items. If you can't tell if an item has been tested or certified safe in some way, you can simply ask. Whether you're in a nursery furniture showroom or plan to buy nursery furniture online, the vendors should be able and willing to help you there.

2. Get rid of any window decorations or blinds with cords.

woman pulling down window blinds cord

In fact, get rid of any other looping cords or rope-like items.

This is because they've been found to be strangulation hazards.

This is also why we advise parents asking us in our nursery furniture showroom to keep their cribs away from the windows. Cords for drapes or blinds can be hazards.

3. Invest in stable closed or latched storage.

safety latch for nursery dresser

If you don't have a lot of stable dressers, closets, or cabinets, this is the time to change that.

Babies can tip over and tamper with a lot of things once they start crawling around. You don't want them treating the household cleaner bottle as a baby bottle, of course!

It's best to find storage where you can keep things out of your baby's way. This is true even of the nursery and your nursery paraphernalia.

That's why you'll see dressers and drawers specifically made for nurseries when you buy nursery furniture online.

Our own nursery furniture showroom has a lot on display! And you can further secure all of these with baby-proofing bands.

Note that when it comes to toy storage bins, though, it's usually better to go the other way: lidless.

That ensures the baby can breathe and call to you if he ever ends up climbing inside to follow his beloved toys!

4. Secure floor decorations for safety.

kids depot eric elephant rug on nursery

This is another tip we give parents shopping in our nursery furniture showroom.

It's normal to get rugs for the nursery, especially as it can be a form of baby-proofing. A good rug can help protect the baby from hard knocks when he's playing on the floor.

Unfortunately, it can also be a safety hazard if it slips or slides while you're walking around with the baby in your arms.

So, get some double-sided tape and use that to stick the rug to the floor.

You can do the same thing with most playmats if they don’t seem to grip the floor well enough to stay put. Some do have nice, grippy backing that helps with that though!

5. Install a carbon monoxide detector right outside the nursery.

carbon monoxide detector at home

This can help you monitor the safety of your little one even better. Of course, this also assumes you already have smoke detectors set up.