6 Benefits to Reading Picture Books to Your Toddler

mother and child having fun while reading a book together

The toddler years are some of the most exciting for parents. Your child is constantly curious, active, and intensely engaged in exploring everything around them.

This is therefore an opportune time to include picture books as a nursery item essential for your child! You can find them pretty easily in baby shops or even online baby stores!

Let's take a look at the benefits below of introducing picture books to your toddler.

Expands vocabulary

toddler girl having fun while learning letters

A picture book contains both pictures and words, helping your child associate words with images. This helps to expand your child’s vocabulary, and enable them to associate words with everyday life -- especially when the story is read repeatedly.

In addition, the rhythm and rhyme used in these books are simple and fun to read aloud, allowing your child to have fun while learning. Picture books come in different languages too, making it a great way to teach your child other languages from a young age!

Improves visual thinking skills

mother and child playing together

Picture books give your child visual clues to help them understand and discover concepts better. By connecting the images to the words, they’re able to visualise what a red car means, or what a green bush looks like.

Also, by reading to your child, you can help them understand the narrative of the book, which increases your child’s comprehension, imagination, and creativity.