6 Best Products to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

One of the very first things new parents learn is that getting the baby to sleep can be a challenge. And things like noise pollution, the Singapore heat, and other irritants don't help!

Today, though, we're talking about the things that will.

Here, we'll take you through our list of the best products to help babies sleep.

1. A Great Crib

This only makes sense: a comfy crib is the first prerequisite when you want a baby to rest well.

It also needs to be secure -- you don't want any jostling or shaking waking up the little one while you struggle to keep the crib stable.

Hatchery's selection of cribs actually fulfills these requirements.

We select models for cribs with a view to ensuring both babies' comfort and parents' peace of mind.

You'll see this in various cribs reviews for our products. Many parents have praised the combination of utility, safety, and comfort offered in Hatchery cribs like the Babyletto maki crib - a foldable but reassuringly sturdy piece with a non-toxic finish that won't irritate your baby.

2. A Good Mattress

Obviously, your baby needs a good mattress to sleep well.

Ask yourself this: have you yourself ever slept well on a shoddy mattress?

Well, babies may be even more sensitive to that than we are.

When parents coming to browse cribs in our Hatchery showroom ask for advice on what mattress to get for their baby, we usually advise a firm one.

For safety, this is the rule of thumb if your child is still an infant. You should only switch to softer options once they reach toddler age.

Fortunately, some mattresses now spare you the choice!

The Babyletto Pure crib mattresses have one firm side and one soft side, for example. They also go quite nicely with the Babyletto Maki crib we mentioned earlier!

3. A Comforting Crib Sheet

What do we mean by comforting? Well, for babies, this is largely about texture.

You want a crib sheet that's very soft and smooth to the touch.

You also want one that's easy to clean, because the sheet can't be comforting if it has irritants like dust or allergens caught in it.

Fortunately, there's no shortage of soft, high-quality sheets on the market.

Trend Lab does some lovely machine-washable ones in 100% cotton, for example. We'd suggest checking them out.

4. A Sleeping Nest

Even with the best cribs and mattresses, we sometimes find that some babies need more to sleep well.

A good, safe sleeping nest can do the trick.

It can help position your baby more comfortably and help them feel more secure.

Take the Doomoo Cocoon for example. It was designed by experts to make digestion and breathing easier, while also helping your baby feel safe and comforted with the security strap.

5. A Bouncer-Rocker

Now, all of the previous items only help if you're putting the baby to sleep in the nursery.

If you aren’t, consider getting yourself a bouncer-rocker.

These double-duty rockers are great, as they can soothe an awake baby as well as hold him when he finally falls asleep.

One that we really like is Hauck's Leisure Ergonomic Baby Bouncer and Rocker. It even includes dangling pendants on an arch that can keep your baby amused until he dozes off.

6. A Nursing Pillow

Okay, but what if you're trying to get the baby to sleep after nursing him in your arms?

In that case, you need a nursing pillow.

It can act as a useful cushion to help you keep your baby comfy even after he's drifted off.

The Doomoo Buddy pillow is probably one of the best examples. Not only does it serve as a nursing pillow, but it can also be turned into a pouf for toddlers (or a pregnancy pillow for you if you’ve yet to pop).

Need More Baby Item Suggestions?

That should help you prepare for your little one's rest and comfort. If you need more ideas for your nursery shopping, though, check out our other lists for new parents!

You can also leave us a message to let us know what you're looking for and we'll see what we can do to help. Or book an appointment to try our products in our showroom!

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