6 Dos and Don’ts of Decorating a Nursery in Singapore

Updated: Mar 3

baby playing on a nursery room

Preparing a nursery in Singapore for the first time? This is a major project for any parent-to-be, and should be treated with the gravity it deserves.

If you’re not aware of the dos and don’ts for this task, that’s all right. Today, we’ll take you through the most important ones to consider when putting together a nursery for your baby.

All of the tips below are practical ones, covering such points as when to paint the room (and what paint to use) and what type of furniture to get for both you and your bundle of joy.

DO Paint the Room Way Ahead of Time

woman standing on ladder doing wall painting

There are a lot of reasons you should do this far in advance of the baby coming.

For one thing, it would make it easier for you to do the rest of your nursery decoration. No one wants to walk around a room that still has wet walls while trying to put together cribs and other furniture.

But even more importantly, you should do this in advance to keep the baby healthy.

You see, most paints off-gas when they’re still wet. In fact, some of them don’t stop off-gassing even after they’ve technically dried!

That’s why it’s so important to reduce that risk by painting well before your baby arrives.

If you want even better results, stick to paints that are zero-VOC. Check the labels and read reviews to see if the paints live up to that claim.

DON’T Forget the Windows

Man hands installing window roller

You need proper blackout curtains or blinds for a nursery. That’s because babies tend to sleep better when there’s less harsh light in a room.

Besides that, it’s worth noting that good blackout curtains can help keep the heat of the sun out of the nursery. That’s hugely important for any nursery in Singapore!

Keep in mind that babies need to be kept comfortable and not overheated. Besides, keeping them from getting too warm can help decrease the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

DO Get a Soft Rug or Floor Mat

Mother and baby relaxing on a rug

When it’s time to bring the baby out of the crib, you’ll be grateful for this. Chances are you and baby will be sitting on the floor for a fair bit of time, after all.

Babies crawl, tumble and roll around nursery floors all the time. If you want to decrease the chances of your little one getting scrapes and bruises, get a soft rug to cover the floor!

Alternatively, you can get a soft, foldable floor mat. Whatever keeps the baby from bumping himself or herself on the floorboards, basically. These are easy to wipe down and keep clean too!

You’ll be glad for this once you see how prone babies are to losing their balance, even when they’re just crawling. You’ll find it much more comfy to sit on while you’re bonding with the baby too.

DON’T Sacrifice Function for Form

beautiful nursery room

One of the biggest mistakes first-time parents make when decorating a nursery in Singapore is going for form over function.

Yes, there are a lot of great-looking nursery items nowadays. No, they aren’t all great in actual use.

A great-looking crib may be made of flimsy materials, for instance, or may not even be painted with non-toxic paint or wood finishes. Do you really want to risk your baby touching that?

Remember this: you want something that will do the job well, above all. If it so happens that it’s not the prettiest thing you could find, what of it?

That being said, keep in mind that you can now find a lot of attractive items that perform as well as they look. Just take a look at our nursery items to see what we mean!

DO Invest in Dressers and Other Storage Solutions

hudson 6 drawer

You’d be surprised how many things babies need! The list just seems to get longer as they age.

That’s why you’ll definitely benefit from having a good bit of storage in the nursery.

Get a dresser with a lot of storage space, for starters. You can expand on that later with other dressers, cabinets, chests, and the like.

If you’re on a budget, you can even use plastic boxes with lids! Just make sure they’re sturdy and don’t have sharp edges that could be hazards.