6 Essential Items and Skills for New Dads

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Excited to start your journey to fatherhood but don’t know where and how to begin? Fret not, because we’re here to help you prepare for this new phase in your life!

Gone are the days that mummies do all the parenting work! In this day and age, many dads want to be involved in parenting, from changing diapers to prepping the baby’s food, even if there are limited resources they can turn to for help.

Fathers have always been seen as the provider and protector of the family. Why not break the conventions by being a well-prepared and hands-on dad as well?

For today’s article, we’ll talk about the items and skills you need to equip yourself with to make your life as a father easier. New fathers will learn a lot from this article, but we’re sure veteran dads will pick something up too!

Hatchery_When Good King Arthur Ruled this Land Nursery Rhyme Sheet music

1. Memorise at least 3 to 4 nursery rhymes

When was the last time you sang a nursery rhyme? You may think that you remember the words to your favourite nursery rhyme as a child, but we can bet that you don’t!

Nursery rhymes are a versatile tool that fathers can use almost on any occasion. Besides helping soothe a crying baby and distracting them during feeding time, singing a nursery rhyme is a way to bond with your little one as well.

Nursery rhymes are important in your baby’s cognitive growth as well! The rhyme and rhythms help develop their oral and listening awareness which will build their pre-literacy skills.

That’s why it’s worth knowing at least 3 to 4 beloved nursery rhymes by heart so that you have something to turn to every time your baby is crying, angry, or even bored while mum is finishing up on errands!