7 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

new parents enjoying time with baby

Being a new parent can be an exciting, fraught time.

It's as much a time of new discoveries as it is a time to make mistakes.

Fortunately, preparing yourself for some of those mistakes ahead of time can help you avoid a lot of them early on.

Today, we'll help you out with that by offering a list of common mistakes new parents make. You'll learn why each one is an error and how you can address it!

1. Not having a rectal thermometer

rectal home thermometer

Sounds like a strange thing, right? Well, if you have a newborn or infant, not really.

Rectal thermometers are actually more accurate on them, you see.

This doesn't mean that other thermometers won't do, or that you can just dismiss classic ways of assessing your baby's health like gauging the temperature of his forehead.

It merely means that you should try to follow up with a rectal thermometer where possible if those other methods give you a worrying reading, for validation.

Luckily, it's not hard to find a good rectal thermometer.

You can go to a drugstore to find one. In fact, even some baby shops in Singapore carry them now.

2. Thinking every bit of baby advice you get is infallible

question mark on bubble chat concept

It’s perfectly fine to be worried that you’re doing things wrong as a new parent. That’s why it’s also normal to try to listen to the advice others give you on the topic.

While that’s a healthy attitude, it’s important not to take it too far: don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone knows better than you when it comes to parenting.