7 Common Mistakes New Parents Make

new parents enjoying time with baby

Being a new parent can be an exciting, fraught time.

It's as much a time of new discoveries as it is a time to make mistakes.

Fortunately, preparing yourself for some of those mistakes ahead of time can help you avoid a lot of them early on.

Today, we'll help you out with that by offering a list of common mistakes new parents make. You'll learn why each one is an error and how you can address it!

1. Not having a rectal thermometer

rectal home thermometer

Sounds like a strange thing, right? Well, if you have a newborn or infant, not really.

Rectal thermometers are actually more accurate on them, you see.

This doesn't mean that other thermometers won't do, or that you can just dismiss classic ways of assessing your baby's health like gauging the temperature of his forehead.

It merely means that you should try to follow up with a rectal thermometer where possible if those other methods give you a worrying reading, for validation.

Luckily, it's not hard to find a good rectal thermometer.

You can go to a drugstore to find one. In fact, even some baby shops in Singapore carry them now.

2. Thinking every bit of baby advice you get is infallible

question mark on bubble chat concept

It’s perfectly fine to be worried that you’re doing things wrong as a new parent. That’s why it’s also normal to try to listen to the advice others give you on the topic.

While that’s a healthy attitude, it’s important not to take it too far: don’t make the mistake of thinking everyone knows better than you when it comes to parenting.

A lot of other parents make mistakes. Children are also individuals and what works for one child may not work for another.

So don’t stress out if you think the advice you’ve been given really doesn’t work for your child. Sometimes, that just happens!

In the same vein, you’ll get conflicting advice on occasion. Try to use your discernment to figure out which bit of advice is more sound in such situations. Sometimes, you’ll even have to use your gut feeling!

3. Leaving babies unstrapped in seats or strollers with straps

straps on baby car seat for safety

Sometimes, babies look so securely positioned in car seats or high chairs that it's tempting to forgo the straps. This is especially true for those whose babies are too little to wiggle off.

But you never know what can happen. Cars can hit bumps, for example, and strollers can be knocked over by accident.

When that happens, you'll be glad for those straps - so use them!

4. Getting a stroller that can't be manoeuvred easily

You have to think of ease of use too when shopping for strollers.

When people come to us looking for a baby stroller in Singapore, we often ask them what weight they'd be comfortable working with.

It's all fine and dandy to choose something built like a tank because you want it to keep the baby safe. If you can't even push it, though, it'll be pretty useless.

That’s why we recommend trying out strollers or checking their weight before buying them.

5. Getting nursery decor that's a pain to clean

cosy neutral colored nursery

Babies aren't very tidy but you have to do your best to keep their surroundings clean.

As such, we typically tell anyone decorating a nursery in Singapore to focus on items that don't just look good, but that also clean up easily.

Don't pick rugs that require meticulous professional cleaning, for instance. It'll turn into a major chore that may well lead to you just replacing them later on.

6. Not taking naps

mother taking a nap with baby sleeping on top of her

Yes, vigilance is good as a parent. But you can't expect to function properly if you don't give yourself some rest.

Napping is one of the best ways to do that. It can help you reset and restore your own energy.

Basically, you need to learn how to nap when the baby naps. Start training yourself as soon as possible to drop whatever isn’t entirely pressing when the baby is napping in a safe location - like the crib - and take a little nap of your own.

7. Not using convertible baby equipment

Hauck alpha one high chair

We say this because you'd have to be crazy not to take advantage of all the convertible baby products Singapore now.

When parents come to our own baby shop in Singapore, we generally recommend they look at our convertible products.

With these, you see, you get true value: items that can serve your baby at more than one stage of his life.

These include cribs that can be converted to toddler beds and high chairs that can be turned into bouncer stands.

Pick the right one and you can even get 2 or 3 items for the price of one, in essence!

If you want suggestions for such equipment, feel free to reach out to us, by the way. We'll gladly help you find the items you need.

Need more tips?

You can check out our other parenting guides and articles if you want more advice on being a new parent! We’ve covered a number of other topics in them that you may find interesting.

And of course, if you need help finding certain items for your nursery or your baby kit, drop us a line any time. We can help you sort through your options and find the perfect items for you and your little one!