What to Prepare When Bringing Your Baby out for a Walk

couple taking their baby for a walk using Eagle 4s stroller

The idea that newborn babies should be kept indoors at all times for the first couple of months is an old wives’ tale and holds no basis in today’s age.

In fact, going out and getting some fresh air and letting your baby be exposed to natural sunlight is good not only for you, but also for your baby. Chances are, unless you’ve had a home birth, your baby would likely have already enjoyed their first taste of the outdoors on the way home.

So, as long as your body feels up to the task, you can even take your baby out for a walk as soon as a week or two after giving birth. Just be sure to take some precautions to keep your baby safe and healthy!

Below, we’ll share some tips on how to make this experience a safe and enjoyable one.

Avoid large crowds

father taking his baby for a walk using the eagle colibri stroller

This is important especially for the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Try to avoid crowded places and opt for a walk at a quiet park instead.

The younger your baby, the less developed their immune systems are. This means they may be more susceptible to picking up germs from other people nearby, especially in a crowded environment where it’s hard to avoid nearby coughs, sneezes and unclean hands.

As your baby reaches about 2-3 months old, their immune system starts to mature significantly and you won’t need to be as concerned.

An important thing to note: the adorable charm of babies is hard to resist, which means strangers may want to reach out to touch your little one. To avoid this, you can opt to carry your baby in a sling instead!

Dress your baby for the weather

baby sleeping on a Eagle 4s stroller with blanket

As a general rule of thumb, dress your baby for the weather and ensure that their outfits are neither too hot nor too cold. Have a light jacket on hand, just in case the temperature gets cooler, such as when you enter a shopping mall.

It may also be helpful to listen to your baby’s cues, babies are usually great at communicating and they’re sure to cry and let you know if they’re uncomfortable.

Protect your baby from the sudden weather changes

Minimal summer background of mini fan on green background. Isometric trendy style with shadows

As Singapore is located in the tropics, we’re prone to experiencing hot spells and rainy days. Always be prepared and remember to have an umbrella ready!

You can opt for ones that can be attached to your stroller easily so you can avoid having to hold all the clutter.

And for warmer days, a portable fan can also be a big help! Similarly, you can choose ones that can be clipped on to your baby’s stroller for a hands-free experience.

Clean up when you get home

cleaning baby using wipes

After an outing, make it a habit to wash your baby’s hands and feet. Giving them a refreshing shower may also be good to freshen them up after a nice walk.

It’s a good idea to wash yourself up too, to avoid transferring any germs to your baby.

Keep the bugs away

mother spraying insect repellent on her babies

Remember to have a baby-safe insect repellent on hand to keep those nasty bugs and mosquitoes away, especially since they’re common in Singapore.