7 Tips for First-Time Mums

The exciting journey of being a mum starts from when you’re pregnant -- taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your little one!

Being a first-time mum is definitely not an easy task and a steep learning curve. You have to keep up with your baby’s needs from as early as conception.

You probably have more questions than answers to what you’re experiencing. Give Google a rest and read on for our tips instead!

1. Exercise regularly

mom doing a home workout

Staying fit will help your body take to pregnancy more smoothly. Not only does it keep your body physically fit, it also helps to boost your mental state too due to endorphins released during working out.

Exercising during your pregnancy has been shown to be safe and is beneficial for both you and your baby.

It may also mean you’ll have an easier time handling the labour process.

Don’t forget to exercise your pelvic floor too, to help with childbirth! (Anything to make the process as comfortable as possible, right?) You can read more about it here.

Of course, if you’re unsure about the type or intensity of exercises you should be doing, check in with your gynae before getting started.

2. Take Naps

mom taking a nap using buddy pillow

Pregnancy is hard work, which explains why you may feel more tired than usual. Your body is going through a whole range of hormonal changes, after all.

Take this time before giving birth to get plenty of rest and catch up on your sleep.

After your baby is born, your sleep schedule is going to be irregular as you match your sleep times to your baby’s routines. So don’t be afraid to take naps while your baby is napping too!

3. Go shopping for yourself and your baby

Woman Looking at Clothes Hanging on the Rail

As your tummy grows during the pregnancy process, your old clothes may no longer be comfortable or even fit anymore.

Be sure to get some dresses and clothes for yourself! Who says that a pregnant mum has to give up on stylish clothes?

Remember to purchase a comfortable pair of shoes too, as feet are known to grow during pregnancy.

You should also take this time to prepare for your baby nursery. You won’t have much time to run around choosing which crib or stroller suits you best once your baby is born, so why not get this done early?

We’ve written a guide on some of the baby and mum essentials you’ll need - check it out!

4. Try your best to keep calm

Pregnant women sitting and practicing yoga

Don't worry if your pregnancy journey isn’t the same as your other mummy friends or if your baby is growing at a different rate compared to others.

As long as you and your baby are both healthy, don’t sweat the small stuff -- everyone’s journey is different!

When in doubt, you can always check with your gynae (or pediatrician once your little one is born).

5. Things may not go according to plan

parents playing with their baby

You may have planned out your ideal birthing plan, but keep an open mind because your body may have a plan of its own on delivery day! This is completely normal too.

After the birth of your baby, you may have a feeding and sleep schedule you’d like to keep to as well. Again, it’s no surprise if your baby feels otherwise and doesn’t keep to what you’d envisioned.

Relax, it’ll work out and these are just small matters in the big picture.