7 Tips for an Organised Playroom

Modern Playroom

Your little one’s playroom is where they’ll spend most of their time, and where they’ll likely make their first memories with you.

But it can also be the messiest area in the house, as kids can get pretty messy or disorganised, which is why most parents find themselves cleaning up after their children once playtime is over!

Here are some tips that can help you and your child maintain a clean and organised play space at home.

1. Get storage supplies

Hudson 6 drawer in nursery room

First things first - shop for storage supplies! Whether you opt for shelving or even cubby bins, having adequate storage space is key to organising your child’s playroom.

Make the storage options accessible for your child, but also choose options that are safe for your little one to use independently.

Some of the best nursery furniture brands have a range of storage options that are both practical and safe for your child to use.

Check out the items from top baby furniture brands like DaVinci or Babyletto for high-quality, multifunctional items. These brands provide nursery furniture that combines both form and function.

2. Set up a toy corner

toy corner

Set a small area in the playroom that will serve as your child’s designated toy corner. In this space, store all your little one’s toys with the appropriately labeled bins.

You can also purchase cushioned play mats for the floor, so your child can be seated comfortably during playtime.

3. Organise art supplies

child painting on a paper

To encourage creativity and fun, art supplies are a must-have for little ones.

However, certain art supplies (like markers and paint) can make a real mess if not properly kept, which is why you need a special area to store them.

Consider creating a little art corner similar to the toy area we shared above. This could comprise a wall space with magnetised bins to organise brushes, paint tubes and even an area to showcase your child’s artwork!

4. Make use of the available wall space

wall shelf with books and toys

If you’ve got limited floor space in the playroom, opt to build storage on walls! We’d recommend this type of storage especially for books.

Build your little one their own mini library, where they can pick books for bedtime or for their own quiet reading time. Of course, be sure to ensure the shelves are accessible to your little one, and that the corners of your setup aren’t too sharp!

5. Create a space that’s adaptable

room for a kid

We all know that children grow up fast. One day they’re crawling around their playmats and the next they’re already headed to preschool.

That’s why you need to make sure their playroom can be adapted to fit all the stages of your tot’s life.

Even if their kindergarten days seem far away, you may want to plan ahead for additions such as a mini chair and table for deskwork. Or even a reading nook with appropriate lighting for when they start to read independently.

Of course, these changes don’t have to be made right away, but just asking yourself these sorts of things may make decisions easier and less expensive to work towards when the time comes!

6. Declutter regularly

removing unecessary toys