8 Best Presents for Toddlers

happy girl with her gift

Looking for gift ideas for your baby (or for a friend’s little one)? The hunt is over with our toddler gift guide!

Your Ultimate Toddler Gift Guide


jellycat Bashful Fawn Small brown plushie

Your toddler’s first best friends! Toddlers can cuddle up and find comfort with the companionship of a cute plushie. It also encourages kids to have imaginative play. It’s also one way for them to communicate their emotions in a playful manner.

Jellycat offers adorable and cuddly plushies in the form of animals such as dinosaurs, pandas, and unicorns!

Recommended age: 1-3 years old

Music band set

boy playing musical instrument

Your little one’s first music class is in session! This toy exposes them to music from a young age which positively impacts their brain development, particularly in the areas of language development, speech, listening, and reading skills.

If you’re looking for a multi-instrument set to introduce them to the music world, check out this set from Trio Kids.

Recommended age: From 1 year old