How Do I Balance Work & Time with my Baby?

asian parents playing with baby

After months of care and preparation, you’re finally ready to be a part of your little one’s life – much needed in the early years.

However, given the increasing cost of living and the necessity for a dual-income household in Singapore, it’s no surprise that many mums choose to go back to work.

In 2019, Singapore had a female labour participation rate of 61.1%, the highest it has reached in decades. Being away from your baby causes feelings of guilt for many mums, and this is completely normal! You’ll be happy to know that these feelings can be alleviated with good time management.

In this article, we’ll shed some light on how you can plan for a more comfortable work-life balance.

Involve Your Partner

asian parents playing with baby

Make sure you’re on the same page.

Your partner is your best ally! Make sure to communicate your expectations of each other and try to share household and child-rearing responsibilities fairly.

There may be times where you have to stay late in the office or clear a little backlog over the weekend. During those times, trust that your partner has your back and is tending to your little one’s every need till you’re back!

Make Mornings Stress-Free

An ideal start to the day is about enjoying the crisp morning air and a freshly brewed cup of coffee (or tea!), but this isn’t usually the case. Mornings are usually the busiest and most rushed time of the day – especially if you’re a new mum!

One way to make mornings better is to try and prepare everything you need the night before.

You and your baby’s clothes, baby bottles, packed lunches for yourself, and milk can all be prepared the night before. Just make sure to refrigerate perishable items.

Additionally, establishing a routine (and sticking to it) can ease your stress-levels in the morning.

Find Quality Child Care

baby care concept photo

You’ll definitely want to look for the best caretaker for your child.

This could be hiring a full-time nanny, asking for help from family members (grandparents love bonding with their children!), or even enrolling in a childcare centre. It all depends on what you and your partner think will work best for yourselves and your little one!

Just ensure that whoever is taking care of your child is well-equipped, well-informed, and well-prepared to care for an infant or toddler.

If you’re fortunate enough to still be working from home, a part-time nanny might help, so that you’re able to focus on your work during the day. We’d recommend always having a backup option, just in case your primary choice cancels or is unavailable for unforeseen circumstances!

Make Work Arrangements More Manageable (if Possible!)

Your workplace may offer more flexibility than you think! Speak with your HR or your direct superiors for accommodations and benefits you can ask for.

Find out about leave policies or flexible working arrangements you may be eligible for, just in case you need time off from work for your baby.

Pumping Conveniently in the Office

elvie breast pump being placed inside a bag

While working away from your baby, you’ll likely need to pump quite regularly. That means you’ll need an easy-to-use breast pump to bring along to the office.

The Elvie Breast Pump is a silent, hassle-free and hands-free pump, which can be worn while working. You can even insert it directly into your nursing bra and pump discreetly at your table if you’d like!

Tip: Do check that your office has a refrigerator where you can safely store your breastmilk. You may want to bring along a cooler bag to take your breastmilk home too if you’ve got a long commute!

Make Dinner Plans Simple

dinner time concept photo

You’ve just gotten home from a full day of work, and have a little one you want to spend time with. You probably wouldn’t want (or have the energy) to spend another 2 hours cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

We recommend preparing your dinners in advance by meal-prepping or having a fixed schedule of what the dinner menu will be like per week.