Basics You Need For Your Baby's First Year

laid out baby basic items

As a first-time mum, knowing what to get to prepare for your baby can get overwhelming.

Fret not though, as we’re here to simplify it for you by giving you a guide that’s useful for both you and your baby's needs in the first year.

Of course, you’ll need the basics of clothing, diapers, pacifiers and baby monitors, but we’re here to help you with things you might have missed out on too!

0-6 months

Kinderkraft MyWay Child Safety Seat with Isofix

Baby car seat

This is important, and something that you should have even before your baby comes. Ensure that you have the car seat safely installed as you’ll need this to take them home from the hospital.

You might want to consider getting a car seat that would last through to your child’s toddler years, like Kinderkraft’s MyWay Child Safety Seat with Isofix. Besides passing international safety standards, it is also a seat that is suitable from infancy through to toddlerhood, to a max weight of about 36kg.

Baby stroller

Hauck one hand fold swift plus blue stroller lightweight

Going on walks with your baby is good for both of you and having a sturdy yet easy-to-use stroller can help you and your baby during your little trips.

Consider getting a design with compartments to conveniently place your baby’s essentials like wet wipes, extra clothes, water, and your bag.

We’ve even written a guide on how to choose a stroller that’s right for you based on your needs and lifestyle.

Breast pump

elvie breast pump lifestyle photo

Pumping and storing your breast milk is another key thing you’ll need to think about within your baby’s first 6 months. And you’ll need a good breast pump for this!

Breast pumps can either be manually or electronically operated. Choosing the type best for you depends on your overall lifestyle.

While manual pumps work just fine, an electronic wireless breast pump may be a better choice -- one that allows you to pump while moving around or doing household chores, like Elvie’s Electric Breast Pump!

Nursing chair

Davinci baby Piper Recliner and Swivel Glider nursing chair

If you’re inclined towards breastfeeding daily, this is something that you may want to look into having at home.

With nursing chairs, you’re able to feed your baby while ensuring you’re comfortably seated -- especially useful for night feeds. This also helps in soothing your baby to sleep, especially if you pick a nursing chair that’s able to rock or glide (babies love those movements!).

Nursing pillow

woman using Buddy Organic Cotton Multi-functional Cushion during pregnancy

While a standard pillow may work as an alternative, nursing pillows are actually more firm, allowing you to elevate your baby to chest level position when nursing.

This way, you won’t have to hunch over, or readjust your feeding position if you experience neck, back, and arm strain.

Baby crib + mattress

Babyletto Gelato Crib White

When it comes to bedtime, you may choose to co-sleep with your baby, but it’s safer to let them sleep in their own crib to avoid fatal sleeping accidents, or SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).