Benefits of Convertible Cots & Cribs

Updated: Apr 26

Babyletto Harlow Acrylic convertible crib

As a first-time mum, you are probably researching for baby essentials to buy, including a cot or crib.

Being able to have your baby sleep well through the night is definitely one of the top goals for most parents!

Creating a safe sleeping environment for your baby

Baby sleeping soundly

Before we discuss the different types of cots available, keep in mind that you’ll need to make the sleep space both safe and comfortable for your little one.

This involves their sleeping position, the temperature of their rooms, the type of crib they sleep in and even the mattress that’s being used!

On this, we’d highly recommend that the mattress is kept free of any loose blankets, pillows, or toys -- mainly to avoid accidental suffocation or even strangulation.

Your baby’s cot type is also a fundamental factor in creating a safe and comfortable sleeping routine for them. You could opt to go for a bedside cot while your baby’s still a newborn, and swap to a larger cot once you’re ready to have them sleep in their own room.

In any case, it’s important to note that these cots meet safety standards including ASTM F1169, ASTM F406, and CPSC. We’ve written a more in-depth piece on creating a safe sleeping space for your baby here.

Types of cots & cribs

On to the main topic for today: how do you know which cot type you need? What makes convertible cots so different from other options? Let’s take a look below.

Standard cots

Scoot 3-in-1 Convertible Crib in white

As the name suggests, these cots are the typical go-to for most parents. They’re rectangular in shape, have four fixed sides, and have the right dimensions for your baby.

These cribs are usually good from birth until your little ones can start to climb out of the cot themselves!

Portable cot

Hauck Dreamer Bedside Cot & Rocking Cradle

Portable cots are cots that are light enough, foldable, and some even have wheels that allow you to move it around your house. Having a portable cot lets you closely monitor your baby while you work on other chores.

And since they’re made to be brought around the house, they’re usually smaller than standard cots, and are therefore best suited for newborns

Multipurpose cots

Cots of this category typically come with attachments, so that you can incorporate other pieces of furniture into the coy.

That means apart from being a sleeping space, it can double as a changing table, or a drawer for extra storage.

This is ideal for parents who're looking to save some space in their small homes.

Round cots

baby sleeping in a round crib

Round cots come in oval or circle shapes. Parents who choose this cot type are usually drawn to its aesthetically pleasing design.

Because of its shape, it can be strategically placed in the centre of the room, allowing easy access from all sides. However, because of the round shape, finding a suitable mattress or bedding may be a hassle.

Moreover, it doesn’t have sharp corners and edges, making it safer for your baby to play in!

Convertible cots

babyletto hudson 3 in 1 convertible crib in grey

A convertible cot is a type of crib that can be converted into 3-5 different ways which could include:

  • A standard cpt

  • A children’s bed

  • A day bed

  • A single or double bed

  • A small sofa

Because of its functionality, convertible cots require a higher upfront cost. However, they’re made to be more cost-effective in the long run, as they’re designed to grow with your baby.

For example, you could get a convertible cot for your newborn, and have it converted into a children’s bed once your child hits toddlerhood.

It can then be converted again to a daybed once your child has finally outgrown it after years of use!

Why a convertible cot?

DaVinci White Lila convertible crib

Unlike other types of cots, convertible cots and cribs can be your child’s bed for as long as they want it.

You may have to pay a higher upfront cost, but a convertible cot is a long lasting investment -- especially if you choose one that can be converted into full size beds. So, essentially, you’re saving money in the long run.

On top of this, they offer great space for your baby as mattress heights can be adjusted as your baby grows too.

Most convertible cots are made of durable materials such as pinewood, ensuring that they remain in prime condition even after several years of use, like Babyletto’s convertible crib.

They’re also made with eco-friendly, non-toxic materials to ensure utmost safety for your baby.

Ready to shop for your baby cot?

If you’re still unsure of the right kind of crib for your baby, drop us a line! We’re constantly advising new parents on the types of bedding, cots and cribs that are available and suitable for their homes and their little ones.

You can also browse our nursery furniture online, or book an appointment to visit our showroom and view our cots in person!