7 Breastfeeding Tips and Tricks You Should Know About

mother breastfeeding baby

While experts suggest that breastfeeding is best for babies, nursing is definitely not an easy endeavour for mothers, especially when mothers have to deal with engorgement and fussy babies.

Luckily, there are some methods and techniques for breastfeeding mommas that make feeding smoother and more comfortable.

Whether you’re a first-time mum, or someone who’s getting into breastfeeding again, here are 7 tips for you to make the process an enjoyable bonding opportunity for you and your baby.

Create a breastfeeding station

davinci nursing chair in a nursery room

Before your baby arrives, have a nursing station set up for them. This is where you will spend most of your time with your newborn. Hence, we recommend that you choose a comfortable nursing chair and a nursing pillow, as well as a side table where you can place your phone, a bottle of water, a burp cloth, or even a good book.

It may be helpful if you place it in a corner where there’s an electrical outlet, in case you need to charge your gadgets.

Cabbage leaves reduce breast engorgement

cabbage on top of a table

All mums experience engorgement, especially in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. This may seem strange, b