How to Choose a Breast Pump

Updated: Feb 22

Choosing a breast pump can be a little bit overwhelming, especially for first-time mums, as there are so many that are available in the market. How do you know exactly what type you need? Do you need an electric type, a double breast type, or a manual pump?

In all honesty, it depends on different factors such as your budget and lifestyle.

If you’ve been considering buying a breast pump, read on as we help you answer the most important questions when buying a breast pump for you and your baby.

How often do you need to pump?

How often you use a breast pump depends on your overall lifestyle. Ask yourself this: are you intending to purchase one for regular or occasional use?

If you’re a mother returning to work, you may want to consider something that will help you pump fast and easy, like an electric double breast pump. A double breast pump delivers more milk with higher cream content in a 15-minute pumping session compared to single pumping, so this is great for busy mums!

However, if you’re a mother who spends most of her time at home with the baby, and is exclusively breastfeeding, a manual breast pump will do just fine. You can use it whenever you need to relieve your engorged breasts, or to store a reserve for when you need to spend time away from your baby.

Can you adjust the suction?

When choosing a breast pump, be sure that you’re able to fully control the degree of suction and cycling speed. This is important as this affects your comfort, your ability to produce milk, and the efficiency of milk expression.

Is it the right fit?

When buying a pump, consider its size, and if it actually fits your nipples (not breasts!) properly. To do this, determine the diameter of your nipple. The standard breast pump flange is often 24 mm, but you may need a larger or smaller size. So check with the brand if they offer different sizes.

It’s important to measure correctly, because if it doesn’t fit properly, you’ll end up not getting enough milk for your baby. It will also cause problems to your nipples like redness and cuts.

You’ll know if it’s the right fit when:

  • You’re not experiencing any discomfort

  • You don’t feel that your breasts are still full after pumping

  • Your nipple is centered in the flange and moves freely while pumping

Is it easy to use and clean?

When a breast pump is difficult to assemble and clean, it gets frustrating to use. So it’s important to look for one that is easy to use!

When looking at options, make sure you can easily take the various parts apart easily, especially those that come in contact with your skin and nipple. If you need to bring it with you to work, choose something that’s lightweight and portable. Also consider its noise level, especially if you have to do it in the office.

For maximum comfort and use, you may want to look into wearable breast pumps instead. Elvie offers a hands-free breast pump that allows mothers to multitask while pumping! This works great for busy mums on the go, as they fit discreetly in the bra, plus they’re silent! You’ll only ever have to worry about cleaning and assembling 5 parts, as it doesn't have any wires or tubes either!

Elvie even offers a manual wearable breast pump called the Elvie curve with only 2 parts to clean!

Is it durable?

Whether you choose a battery-operated pump or an electric one, it’s vital to know its durability. After all, you would want to get something that will last you until your baby is weaned.

First, determine whether you’ll be a frequent or occasional user. You’ll be able to find those with the right motor/materials that will match your frequency of use. It also helps to research brands online to know the product’s durability and efficiency!

More on Breast Pumps

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mum or a working mum, it’s vital to know whether you’re getting the right breast pump so you can comfortably pump.

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