How To Choose A Travel System

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

baby looking out of a car seat window

Once your baby is big enough, you probably want to bring him around with you to experience new sights and sounds. Baby strollers and infant car seats are important items that you’ll need exactly for this!

A travel system refers to an infant car seat and a separate stroller, serving as a two-in-one product.

Parents sometimes opt to purchase a travel system (as opposed to a separate car seat and stroller) as it can make travelling and moving around more convenient for you and your baby.

There are many different options available in baby stores nowadays, so you may need some help with researching the ideal travel system that best fits your lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you purchase your very first travel system!

Ask yourself: Do you really need a travel system?

baby girl sitting in the back seat

Travel system or separate baby stroller and infant car seat?

A travel system lets you move your baby from the car to your stroller without removing your baby from the car seat, which is a great convenience to have!

But keep in mind that the car seat component in most travel systems is more suited for younger babies (up till 12-18 months), and has your baby lying down instead of seated upright when in use. And when attached to the stroller, the travel system has your little one facing you as you move around as opposed to away from you as with most strollers.

These are important considerations to think about based on your personal preferences.

Some parents would rather have their child seated upright in their car seats once they’re able to. Or prefer their child to be facing away from them when seated in strollers so they can explore new sights and sounds as they move around.

If those resonate with you, you may want to choose to go with a separate baby car seat and a foldable travel stroller from the get-go instead!

Our recommendation: If you take public transportation or taxis frequently with your baby, the travel system may be the better option. It allows you to easily bring your child around by detaching the stroller component while you’re in commute!

Check out its safety features

hauck car seat harness feature

Your priority as mums and dads will always be to protect your infant, so it’s definitely important to purchase a travel system that prioritises safety!

You want a system that can not only help you move your baby around easily, but also provides essential features that allow you to do this safely.

Check out Hauck’s Saturn R Stroller which is an all-terrain travel system that gives emphasis on comfort and safety. Having won the Stiftung Warentest in 2019, this stroller has been tried and tested. It has high-quality aluminum frames, swivelable and lockable front wheels, and also has a reversible seat.

Find a model that promises hassle-free use

hauck car seat convertible to stroller

When set up as a stroller, travel systems tend to be bulkier and heavier than regular baby strollers, as the seat component essentially serves as an entire infant car seat on its own.

Make sure the travel system you’re eyeing is easy to use for both parents, especially in terms of weight and bulkiness when folded down.

Most are heavier than they look, and may be difficult for petite mummies to carry or manoeuvre on their own. (Especially if you’ve already got your hands full with other items like your baby bag or groceries!)

Consider your price point

happy baby boy sitting comfortably on his car seat

A good travel system may be pricey, because you’re essentially getting two products (a stroller and a car seat) when you purchase it.

However, if you’d prefer a cheaper alternative, you could purchase just the standalone infant car seat component and a separate stroller (that you can continue to use throughout toddlerhood). Just be sure to find ones that are compatible with one another, or to buy attachments necessary to connect the two parts.

Additional key features to look for

hauck isofix base isolated

Adjustable handles are very useful for everyday use. This feature can give both parents an easier time pushing the stroller or carrying the seat.

It would also be a plus if the travel system has an Isofix Base, because you’ll have an easier time installing and removing the car seat from your car anytime you want to!

Talk to an expert about baby travel systems

Still unsure about whether you want a travel system or a separate stroller and infant car seat? We can help!

Visit our website and browse our range of travel systems or foldable travel strollers. Or you can book a visit to our showroom to view each model and give them a test run first!