How to Choose the Right Baby Rocker

parents playing with their newborn baby in Hauck’s Alpha Bouncer

As soon as your baby comes out of your womb, all you would want to do is to hold and cuddle them all day! But there will definitely be a time where you need your hands free for other tasks or chores at home.

This is where a baby rocker comes in handy -- a safe place for your little one to relax, or nap in, and even a place to feed them. If you’re thinking of purchasing one, keep reading. Below, we’ll list out a few things you should consider before buying a baby rocker for your child.

Is it safe enough?

mom flicking the safety mechanism of Hauck's Alpha Bouncer

Of course, safety is a top priority when picking a baby rocker. But how do you measure exactly how safe it is?

Check if the rocker is made of high quality, durable materials. You should also look at the sturdiness of the frame and how it’s constructed so you know that it won’t tip over easily.

Brands that manufacture baby products go through basic product testing and will be deemed certified safe if they’ve passed all safety tests and procedures. Companies like the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), as well as Juvenile Products Manufacturers Associations (JPMA) are some of the organisations that ensure safe and quality products are being used by consumers. It never hurts to check if these products are certified safe by these companies too!

Is it easy to move around?

Mom preparing meal for baby in Hauck's Alpha Bouncer

As you move around the house, you’re most likely going to move your baby and the rocker around the house with you so you can keep an eye on your little one. So, you may want to choose something that’s light and portable.

This will also come in handy if you choose to bring the rocker along when you visit a friend’s home!

Do you have enough space for the rocker?

newborn baby sleeping on Hauck's Alpha Bouncer in the kitchen

Before investing in a baby rocker, be sure that you have ample space wherever you’ll be using it the most, whether in the nursing room, or living room.

It’s helpful to first measure the available space you have before shortlisting rockers you’d like to purchase!

(Keep in mind that you may want to have it stored away when it’s not in use, so just be sure you cater space for that too.)

What’s the purpose of the baby rocker?

newborn baby in Hauck's Bouncer

Figure out whether the rocker is for you to put your baby down in so your hands are free, for you to put your baby in during feeds, or simply for relaxing and playing.

This makes a difference because some rockers are basic and plain, making it purely a space for you to lay your baby in while you keep watch of him.

But some rockers come with the option of attaching toys to them to stimulate your baby’s senses, and others even come with lights and music!

If you’re not sure which to choose, there are options that are suitable for all of these purposes -- feeding, playing, or for simply relaxing!

Is it easy to clean?

family eating breakfast with baby on hauck's alpha bouncer

You may also find yourself feeding your baby in his rocker. While that makes it more convenient for you, your little one may just end up making a mess while being fed!

Thus, it’s best to look for a rocker that is easy to clean -- search for one that has a removable and easy-to-wash cover!

Is it versatile?

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