4 Steps to Creating A Safe Sleeping Space For Your Baby

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

baby standing on a nursery crib

Sleep and rest are not just important for your baby’s physical growth, it also plays a huge role in early child development.

For growing infants, it’s important to have the right amount of sleep at the right time. So how can you create a safe and secure space for your child to get a restful sleep every day?

Here are 4 steps we recommend to create a safe sleeping space for your baby!

1. Purchase a good, reliable baby crib or bassinet

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While you may feel inclined to let your baby sleep on the same bed as you, it’s best to give your little one his own space to rest. This is preferable over sharing a sleeping space because it is safer and more comfortable for your baby.

Look for a reliable crib or bassinet that fits your needs as well as available space at home. When picking out your baby crib or bassinet, make sure it meets all the standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as well!

If you are considering something that can be used beyond infanthood- or toddlerhood, consider checking out convertible cribs! These cribs can be easily changed into toddler daybeds, and will grow with your little one until he’s 3-4 years old.

2. Ensure your baby has a firm surface to sleep on

newborn baby in white crib

It’s important that you pick the right baby crib mattress for your little one (and with tightly fitted sheets!) -- it should be new, firm, and non-toxic.

Having a firm mattress is key, as choosing a soft one can increase the risk of suffocation, especially if your baby is prone to flipping over to their tummy in their sleep.

Tip: For the first year, ensure that you always place your infant to sleep on his back. During the day, you can practice tummy time while your child is awake and you’re available to monitor the strength of his back and neck muscles.

3. Provide a clear sleeping area for your little one

mother playing with new born baby in crib

Make sure there are no other objects in the crib, such as extra pillows, toys, or bumper pads*. These items could potentially cause strangulation or suffocation of your little one. We want to make our babies feel comfortable but their safety is of utmost priority!

You should keep the bed clear even for toddlers, as the items can be used to help your toddler climb out of the crib and risk falling. If your little one likes to bring a soft toy to bed, make sure you remove it once he’s fallen asleep.

*Bumper pads are recommended to be placed in the crib when babies are 6 months or older.

4. Ensure the surroundings is peaceful

newborn baby being swaddled

Just like adults, babies are often uncomfortable in warm and humid weather, which is why we’d suggest picking a quiet and cool room for your little one’s sleep space.

Ensure your baby’s crib is placed in a quiet area in your house, away from potential sources of loud noise and ideally in an area you can keep dark. This will help your little one sleep better, and for longer periods of time.

If you are worried about your child getting cold, you can use infant sleep clothing or a swaddle instead of extra blankets. Leaving blankets unsupervised in the crib can potentially harm your little one. (Do make sure your baby is comfortable and that his swaddle is not too tight!)

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