Everything You Need in a Baby Nursery in Singapore

Updated: Mar 3

wall photo of a baby nursery in scandinavian gray theme

Scratching your head over what items a baby nursery needs in Singapore?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming to prepare for the arrival of a new life in your household, especially if you’re a first-time parent.

We’re here to help you out today by providing a list of everything you need in a baby nursery in Singapore… as well as all of the items that you should consider buying even if they’re not traditional requirements.

That is, what may not have been necessary before may be now, for modern parents with modern obligations. Still, we’ve separated items into the truly (traditionally) essential ones and the (technically) optional entries, as you’ll see below.

Furniture for the Nursery

wall photo of a baby nursery in scandinavian gray theme

Nursery furniture is among the most important purchases to make when preparing for a baby.

You generally can’t put a baby in furniture for adults, as we’ve mentioned before, because it’s not nearly as safe as putting the baby in a crib or a bassinet. That’s why it’s important to get furniture specifically for babies.

Take note too that when buying baby furniture, smart choices can help you make the most of your purchase. A convertible crib will last longer, for instance, so it only makes sense to look for one if you can help it.

In the same vein, sturdy cribs are obviously better because they last longer… besides also keeping your baby safer. That’s also why it’s not advisable to get or use second-hand cribs!

In any case, below are the nursery furniture essentials and near-essentials you should get.

Nursery Furniture Essentials

scoot 3 in 1 baby crib in white
  • A crib (or a co-sleeper)

  • A safe crib mattress

  • A high chair (which you may not need until the baby is ready to eat solid food, but it would be a necessity then!)

Nursery Furniture That’s Optional but Useful

scoot 3 in 1 baby crib in white
  • A dresser

  • A changing table

  • A nursing chair

Bedding for Your Baby

baby sleeping comfortably on bed

Bedding is obviously necessary, as you want to keep the baby as comfortable and warm as possible. While firm surfaces are good for babies to sleep on (they reduce the chances of suffocation), you don’t want them so firm they’re literally wooden planks!

Note that bedding covers everything from the mattress cover to the crib skirt. Obviously, some of these are less important than others, as you’ll see below.

Baby Bedding Essentials

babyletto fleeting nursery set of mattress and bedding
  • At least 2 crib sheets that fit your mattress

  • At least 2 mattress protectors, preferably waterproof

  • At least 2 receiving blankets (you can also use these as burp cloths, so it's an added reason to get them!)

Baby Bedding That’s Optional But Useful

  • A crib bumper set to keep baby from bumping his head on the slats or bars of the crib

  • A crib skirt

Bottlefeeding and Breastfeeding Items

mother breastfeeding baby on bed

Whether you’re bottlefeeding or breastfeeding, there are a number of things you need to prepare for it. These range from bottles to bottle brushes for maintenance.

Where something is only necessary if you’re bottlefeeding or breastfeeding, we note it below. Otherwise, it’s necessary regardless of which feeding method you’re using.

Bottlefeeding and Breastfeeding Essentials

hand holding elvie breast pump
  • Several baby bottles (the number depends on how many days you plan to be away from the baby, particularly if you can’t breastfeed at all times -- 7 would be a safe number)

  • If breastfeeding and planning to prepare milk ahead of time, a breast pump (you can pick a traditional one, but it may be wiser to go with something like the Elvie Breast Pump, which allows for on-the-go and unobtrusive pumping)

  • If bottlefeeding, 4 weeks’ worth of baby formula (to be replenished as necessary)

  • A bottle brush

  • 7 cotton bibs

  • Several nursing bras (note that it’s a good idea to buy one size larger than your bra size during pregnancy)

  • A nursing pillow

Optional but Useful Bottlefeeding and Breastfeeding Items

  • Nipple cream

  • Spare bottles

  • Dedicated bottle drying rack

Baby Travel Gear

baby getting ready for travel in a car seat

All right, so baby travel gear isn’t technically part of your nursery. But it’s pretty much a given that you’ll have to travel with the baby at some point, so you’ll need items that more or less function as “your travelling nursery”.

Note that Singapore laws even require you to have a secure baby car seat when travelling with a baby in a vehicle. Hence, it’s best to be prepared!

Baby Travel Necessities

Hauck one hand fold swift plus blue stroller lightweight
  • Car seat that fits your baby (some seats are for newborns, others are for bigger babies)

  • Baby stroller

  • Diaper bag (for all of baby’s travel essentials, like milk bottles, diapers, etc.)

And that’s pretty much it for our list of everything you need in a baby nursery in Singapore! Remember that you can find pretty much all of these in our store, by the way.

If you need further help choosing any of these items or want more tips on how to prep your baby nursery, feel free to contact us too. We’re more than glad to help soon-to-be parents get ready for their bundles of joy!