For Dads: How Can I Help With the Baby?

father spending time with daughter

Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Becoming a father will definitely be one of the biggest events in your life.

However, if you’re a first time father, you may be wondering: why are most articles and baby guides online only directed at mums? What about dads wanting to be more involved and help out with the baby too?

Fortunately for you, we’re here to help! Here’s your guide, new dads.

Guide for Dads

Help with the household chores

dad helping family with household chores

In the first few weeks of having a newborn, things can get hectic as both of you are still settling into a feeding and sleeping routine for the baby.

During this time, you can help out by doing the chores - dishes, vacuuming, cleaning the rooms/bathrooms/nursery, and even doing the laundry!

By taking charge of the household chores, you’ll be helping your partner a lot because your newborn will need mum’s full attention during the majority of the day.

Help with feeding the baby

doomoo buddy pregnancy and nursing pillow

Whether mothers have chosen to breastfeed or bottle feed the baby, dads can still help out!

For starters, volunteer to help with night feedings, so mum can sleep in a little more. You can also help with burping your baby after feedings, and even with cleaning the bottles or breast pumps used!

You can also check that both mum and baby are comfortable while breastfeeding, like ensuring that your baby is latching well. This can be aided by helping to adjust her nursing pillow, or perhaps simply handing her a glass of water and keeping her company as she breastfeeds.

Spend time with your baby

father spending time with baby while feeding

It’s important for dads to spend time alone with their babies too. Not only does this help your partner, it also encourages father-baby bonding.

You can try to engage them by singing to them (it doesn't even matter how good your singing is), reading a book together, or just playing with your little one. This can be as simple as making silly faces while changing your baby’s nappy!

Babies also respond well to touch, so give them baby massages to soothe and relax them.

By doing these things, you’re not only bonding with your baby, this has also been shown to improve your baby’s cognitive development as well!

Support her with the best tools

Another way to show your partner support is by equipping her with the tools she needs to make the first few weeks as comfortable as possible. These tools can include nursing essentials such as breastfeeding equipment.

Breast pumps are useful for when mums need to take a break from breastfeeding, or to create a supply of breastmilk to be used should they need to be away from baby for the day.

They’re also suitable for busy mums who may need to return to the workplace after their maternity leave. A great hands free option is Elvie’s breast pump!

A comfortable and stylish nursing chair may be something up worth checking out too if you’re looking to make nursing time a little more comfortable for mum and baby.

Treat your partner

dad helping mother feed baby couple having date night

Some mums may experience baby blues after giving birth. This can be a difficult and emotionally heavy time for your partner, so why not do a little something to express your affection or improve her moods?

You can surprise her by bringing her out for a massage (or even give her one yourself). Or plan date nights, even if it’s just at home -- cook her a meal and settle down for some movies on Netflix.

Offering to babysit for the day would be a great option too, while you send her off to get some self-pampering done at her favourite beauty salon.

The aim is to provide her with short breaks from taking care of the baby all day, to give her time to recharge and focus on something other than your little one.