On Strollers: Lightweight vs Travel System

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

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In preparation for your little one’s arrival, there are many new baby items to buy. And as a first-time mum, this can get a little overwhelming because there are simply so many to consider!

Baby clothes, bottles, crib and bedding, dresser… Each of them even come in different designs and functions depending on you and your baby’s needs.

Today, we’ll take a look at two designs of strollers -- lightweight strollers and travel system strollers.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between the two, read on as we discuss their differences to hopefully help you search for the right stroller for your bub!


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For some parents, affordability is the top factor when considering buying anything baby product.

On the surface, travel systems are more expensive. This is because it already comes as a full set -- a removable infant seat, plus a stroller (which means you get more for your money).

Some are sold separately, though, but are still perfectly compatible with the stroller and don't need any adaptors for attachment.

On the other hand, lightweight strollers are more affordable, depending on the brand that you choose. Just be sure that it’s certified to have met safety standards! It could get more expensive than a travel system if you choose to purchase a separate infant seat.

Size, Weight and Steering Capability

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Lightweight strollers are, of course, light. They typically weigh anywhere from 3.5 to 8 kg. They also fold down small, making it easy to store neatly practically anywhere, be it in the trunk of your car, or inside the nursery room. These strollers are also easily portable due to their weight and size.

Travel system strollers tend to be heavier because of their extra added features. They have a maximum weight of 18 to 25 kg. Even when folded, these strollers are still pretty bulky and take up considerable storage space. So this may be a challenge to carry up and down the stairs, or even in and out of the car.

Additionally, because of its weight, the travel system stroller's steering may not be as smooth (especially on wide turns). In comparison, the lightweight strollers are easier to manoeuvre and turn!

Features and Functionality

Hauck's Swift X and Vision X Strollers

The main difference between the two strollers is their purpose of use. To help you compare them more closely, let’s look at the features of two strollers from the same brand, Hauck.

Travel System Stroller - Hauck’s Vision X Stroller

  • Suitable for newborn to 25 kg

  • Weighs 11 kg

  • Allows you to conveniently carry your child from the car to the stroller, and vice versa, without worrying if you’ll wake them up while doing so

  • Has multiple features for increased functionality

- Reversible seat unit instead of reversible handles

- Handles with adjustable heights

- Detachable canopy with UPF 50+

- Detachable front bar

- Comes with cup holder

- Adjustable footrest

  • Easy-to-install car seat

  • Compatible with a baby pram

  • 5-point safety harness

  • Roomy storage

  • Adjustable backrest

  • One hand fold stroller

  • All terrain wheels with rubber profile

Lightweight Stroller - Hauck’s Swift X Stroller

  • Suitable for newborn to 18 kg

  • Weighs 6 kg

  • Detachable front bar

  • Detachable canopy

  • Adjustable footrest and backrest

  • 5-point safety harness

  • Roomy storage

  • One hand fold stroller

  • Includes carry strap


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