Tips and Tricks to Take Care of A One-Year-Old Baby

Updated: Mar 3

mother lovingly playing with her child

Happy first birthday to your little one!

You made it through the first year of parenthood - how is it that time has flown by so quickly?

By this stage in your toddler’s life, they’re probably getting the hang of their ability to crawl or walk, learning the joys of playtime, and discovering different types of food as they move to eating solids.

Here are tips and tricks that may help you with managing your little one!


baby girl eating properly on a high chair

At one, your child is most probably starting to eat solids (or maybe even has a diet comprising only solids already).

Nutrition is the basis for a child’s physical and also cognitive development. That’s why having proper nutrition is key to ensure that your child gets the best start in life.

We’re also written another article on foods that can help to boost your baby’s brain power.

Forming the habit of maintaining a balanced diet starts from young, and exposing your child to various types of food is a good idea to prevent them from being picky eaters as they grow up.

It’s important to note that how much a child eats is dependent on their size and activity level. So don’t worry if your child is eating less or more than their peers, if in doubt just check in with your pediatrician.

Tip: Being able to sit with the family during meal times will help toddlers feel included and makes mealtime family time. To help your child join in on meals at the table, consider getting them a high chair!

Physical and cognitive development

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