Tips for Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

group of pregnant woment doing yoga exercise

Not sure what level of physical activity is safe for you and little one now that you’re expecting?

While you may have to cut back on your trips to F45 or muay thai classes for the time being, there are plenty of exercises expecting mums can do that are both fun and safe.

Today, we’ll cover some key tips that’ll help you keep fit safely!

Why is exercise important?

pregnant woman exercising using dumbells

Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t work out at all! In fact, keeping fit and exercising regularly is important for both you and your baby.

Exercising while you’re pregnant offers plenty of benefits such as improved posture (less back aches!), reduced constipation and bloating. It can even boost your mood and energy levels, as well as enable you to sleep better.

Most importantly, working out regularly has shown to even prevent gestational diabetes and build up your stamina so your body is better prepared for labour and childbirth!

It’s perfectly safe as long as you are training with a trained professional.

Working out safely

woman using Buddy Organic Cotton Multi-functional Cushion during pregnancy

It’s good for mums to follow a simple day-to-day routine. Of course, do consult your gynae to check what’s suitable for you before building your exercise regime!

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a session of 30 minutes daily will suffice in keeping your body fit.

If you’re a mum who’s always worked out religiously, you may feel inclined to keep exercising at the same frequency or intensity as before you got pregnant.

But during your pregnancy, we’d recommend dialing back on the HIIT workouts or competitive sports. Listening to your body and adjusting your regime according to what works best for you is key, especially in your first and third trimesters.

Also, remember to get adequate rest after working out. Joint pains are common among pregnant women, which is why many expecting mums turn to a pregnancy pillow for better back or belly support when lying down.

The Doomoo Buddy pregnancy pillow is specifically designed for this! With its ergonomic shape, it molds itself against your body and supports the weight of the baby to restore the natural position of the spine.

What types of exercises can you do?

pregnant woman running outdoors

Focus on options that aren’t overly strenuous and create less impact on your joints.

Here are some tried-and-tested options you can try!

  • Swimming: This is great for pregnancy workouts because there’s no pressure on your knees or joints as you swim. In fact, the buoyancy you experience in water could help relax your muscles and even reduce back pains, which makes it the go-to exercise for expecting mums!

  • Brisk walking or light jogs: These are good cardio options for pregnant mums, helping to build up stamina and keeping your body active. Just make sure you get the green light from your gynae before making long runs.

  • Yoga: Helps you learn relaxation and breathing techniques, which could help greatly during labour. It would be best if you choose to join a prenatal yoga class instead of the regular one, because these classes are tailored specifically for you and your body!

  • Weightlifting: Build strength and stamina to prepare your body for labour and childbirth. However, to avoid straining your body, opt to do more reps with lighter weights instead of hitting the 10kg dumbbells!

Of course, there are plenty of other static exercises you could opt for too! You can do a quick search online, check with your gynae, or even chat with other mummy friends to find out what they did to keep fit during their pregnancies.

How else are you preparing for your baby’s arrival?

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