What Supplies Do I Need For Breastfeeding?

Updated: Sep 10

Women with Elvie Breast Pump

Breastfeeding isn’t difficult -- all you need are your body and your baby. To breastfeed comfortably is a different story though. Breastfeeding tools can help to make your nursing experience an easier and more enjoyable experience for you.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the breastfeeding supplies that you may need for you and your baby to make feeding time a breeze.

Nursing pillow

Doomoo Buddy Vegetable Khaki

A nursing pillow provides the perfect support for your baby, especially if you want to bring her up to your chest level. While a normal bed pillow will do, it’s not as firm and thick as a nursing pillow. These pillows are especially made to help newborn babies, as they’re tinier and need that extra support and height to properly latch on to you.

Apart from nursing pillows helping babies, these items actually help you as well. Nursing pillows reduce strain on your back, neck, arms, and shoulders as you won’t have to hunch your back and sacrifice your posture when nursing.

Some nursing pillows are even designed to be multi functional, such as Doomoo’s Buddy: Organic Cotton Multi-functional Cushion. Because of its shape and size, you can use it as a pregnancy pillow, a nursing pillow, and even a lounger!

Nursing chair

Nursing chairs can be the best partner when it comes to calming and settling your baby down to sleep. Babies love to be swayed and rocked, and nursing chairs can definitely assist you with that!