When Is Your Baby Ready For a High Chair?

baby girl eating messily on her high chair

As your baby grows up and through various milestones, you may be wondering if there’s a right time to do things like shift them to a high chair for feeding, or move them to a larger crib in their own room.

To help with this, we’ll be tackling the former today!

Typically, you can start to introduce your baby to a high chair at the age of 6 months as this is when they have good control of their necks and are able to sit upright. This is also usually the time when you’ll likely start to introduce solid foods to your child.

This transition is a symbol of growth (and their lifelong journey with food!). Having a high chair helps keep your baby in the proper upright position for eating -- making mealtimes a safe and enjoyable experience for them.

Providing a high chair for your baby also helps contain the mess that comes with eating solids, especially if you’re going to let your little one feed himself!

Read on to find out when your baby is ready for a high chair.

1. When they can sit upright

baby happily smiling while sitting on floor

When your child can sit upright on their own without falling over, this means that their back has developed sufficiently to allow them to sit up comfortably.

You can take this as a pretty good sign that they’re ready to be seated in a high chair!

2. When they can hold their head up

baby boy trying to hold his head up

Another sign you should look out for is when your baby is able to hold their heads up by themselves. A baby’s ability to hold their head up means they’ve developed strong neck muscles -- this is necessary to feed your baby safely in an upright position.

If their head and neck still need support sometimes, then it may be too early to introduce them to a high chair. Try again in a couple of weeks!

3. When they show proper stability

toddler looking up from chair after drinking milk

Your baby shouldn’t fall over or loll around when placed in the high chair. This is also the reason why choosing a good high chair is important.

When buying a high chair, some of the key factors you should look out for are its safety features, durability, versatility, and size. Not only would these factors help your baby gain proper stability when using it, but it’s also a form of investment that will make your life as a parent easier.

Managing the transition to high chairs

baby girl happy sitting on her high chair