Your Baby's Nursery: Planning, Organization and Storage

baby nursery organization

Photo credit: @taylorlhansen

Given how many things a baby requires, especially in their early months, these nursery organization tips are a must-know for any parent looking to make their lives with an infant a little easier.

A good starting point would be to create zones in the nursery. Break the nursery layout into different zones - sleeping area, diaper changing station, nursing nook and your baby’s closet. Once you have the designated zones allocated, it’ll be easier to organize and maximize the space in each zone.

It’s best to have your nursery setup ready before the little one arrives but keep in mind that keeping your nursery forever aesthetically pleasing is almost impossible. It’s more realistic to have your nursing organized in a relatively neat and practical manner!

1. Sleeping area

baby in doomoo cocoon babynest

Whether you’re starting with a smaller bedside cot or a full-sized crib, be sure to keep the sleeping area free of any loose items for safety to prevent any risk of suffocation. Leave the soft toys and decorative items for later months when they’re older.

The safest sleeping position for a baby is on their back, it’s recommended to use a baby nest for sleeping. The Doomoo Cocoon: Organic Cotton Babynest features an extendable bottom and adjustable strap to keep your baby secure.

You can never have enough storage space. Hence, opting for cribs with storage drawers is good for keeping any spare waterproof protector or crib sheets for easy reach.

2. Diaper changing station

lollibly ez crates foldable lightweight

Make sure your diaper changing station is at a comfortable height so it’ll be easy on your back as your newborn most likely requires a change every 2 to 3 hours, and less as they grow. A classic pair would be to double up your changing station atop a storage dresser to maximize space. Not only does it keeps items within arms’ reach,but it also increases the lifespan of your furniture as your baby outgrows the need for a diaper changing station.

A side trolley with lockable wheels for your baby’s necessities, like diapers and burp cloths, does wonders for portability and convenience. Keep your space neat with Lollibly EZ Crates as they make great storage organizers. Available in 4 colours and 2 sizes, these foldable crates are easy to assemble and lightweight without weighing down any of your drawers.

3. Nursing nook

Have a cosy little nursing nook for all your breastfeeding and nursing sessions! A nursing chair is your best bet as its gentle rocking and luxurious comfort make it surprisingly enjoyable to stay in the same position for hours. More importantly, it soothes any fussy babies with its gliding mot