Ultra comfortable! The Doomoo Sleepy offers optimal support to the body of the pregnant woman and thus provides better sleep quality. Doomoo Sleepy is designed in collaboration with pregnancy experts. It mainly focuses on supporting body zones that require extra comfort while lying down. The ergonomic shape and fiber filling provide support where it is necessary and beneficial during pregnancy.



Doomoo Sleepy can be used in two ways:

  • Place the pillow between the knees and ankles. This will relieve the tension in the pelvis and helps to keep a good sleeping position. By supporting the knees as well as the ankles, the pelvis will relax more.
  • Place the pillow between the knees upright, so it also supports the belly and you can place your hand on it. In this position the cushion helps to relieve the tension in the pelvis, supports the belly and the arm. There will be less tension in the shoulder and a good position of the wrist.


Perfect with the Doomoo Belly! Add on the Doomoo Belly at $44.90 (save $10).

Sleepy: Organic Cotton Large Pregnancy Cushion