It’s a miracle how fast babies grow, don’t you think? If your baby naturally lies its head to the same side when asleep, he or she can develop the flat head syndrome. No need to stress about it, doomoo’s Baby Pillow keeps your baby’s head in a healthy position, while homogeneously distributing the pressure around your baby’s skull. Thanks to the 3D fabric, the Baby Pillow is breathable. This pillow is practical and compact, so you can use it in all types of prams, cribs, cots and beds. 


  • Baby Pillow is intended for use from birth up until 3-4 months.
  • Breathable fabric: Perfect ventilation and safe breathing for baby thanks to the 3D fabric

  • Anti-flathead: Homogeneously distributing pressure around baby’s head

  • Compatible with doomoo Cocoon




Small Ergonomic Baby Head Pillow

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