The Doomoo Basics Back Positioner allows the baby to be placed comfortably on his back while preventing the risk of plagiocephaly ("flat head") linked to this position. Width: 60 cm


It is a sloped positioner in viscoelastic memory foam with two side rolls that can be adjusted with velcro fastenings.


The viscoelastic memory foam moulds itself perfectly to the newborn baby’s head without exerting any pressure on it.


The back positioner is made in light materials that ensure perfect ventilation and guarantee total comfort.


Can be used from birth onwards.

  • Prevents the risk of flat head
  • Perfect ventilation
  • Optimal comfort
  • Provides good support


IMPORTANT: The doomoo basics positioner should not be used when baby is able to turn independently. The positioner must be used on a safe & stable surface.

Supreme Sleep Large (60cm): Back Positioner

  • Cover: 100% polyester / Rolls: 100% polyester / Polyurethane foam

  • Machine washable cover (40°), light tumble dry.