The Doomoo Basics Sleeping Nest is the ideal solution for fitting baby comfortably on the back, providing him/her with the best quality of sleep.


Size: 33 x 60 cm. Add on an Organic Cotton Cover at $17.90.


Developed by specialists, this baby sleeping nest is designed to adjust to the shape of baby’s body, providing him/her with optimum sleeping conditions.

– The slope provides a comfortable position which stimulates digestion and easy breathing.

– The upper portion of the nest is made of viscoelastic memory foam, and its shape means baby’s head is not at risk of flattening due to the supine position.

– The support belt keeps baby secure, in addition to providing a comforting cover.

– The removable bottom roller means that baby’s legs can be moved into the foetal position, which helps reduce colics.


Can be used from birth onwards.


  • Snug, comfortable ‘nest’
  • Fits into all types of beds
  • Ideal sleeping position
  • Prevents the risk of flat head
  • Comfortable position for digestion and breathing
  • Helps relieve cramps and colics


IMPORTANT: The doomoo basics positioner should not be used when baby is able to turn independently. The positioner must be used on a safe & stable surface.

Supreme Sleep Plus: Sleeping Nest

Add on Organic Cotton Cover
  • Cover + Roll: 100% polyester. Polyurethane foam.

  • Cover washable in machine at 30°. Do not tumble dry.