Turn your little one’s room into a magical place in the sky with our Up, Up And Away Fabric Decal! Repositionable (no damage to surface*) and easy to apply (peel & stick), our fabric decal wall sticker provide flexibility allowing you to transform nurseries, children's rooms, bedrooms, offices or any living spaces!

Full pack includes 12 hot air balloons measuring between 15-7cm in width and 20 clouds measuring between 5-15cm in width, suitable for a 1.5m x 2m wall.


Installation instructions:
1. Peel graphic decal from backing
2. Align and determine gaps required
3. Stick onto clean surface
4. Enjoy your new space!

*Our fabric decal is removable without causing any damage to the wall however it is dependent on the original condition of the wall and we will not be liable for any damages caused.
*Installation options are available, however if you have chosen to self install, we will not be liable for any issues caused by self-installation

Up Up and Away Fabric Decal (Mint)