• ECE: Group 0+/I/II 0-25 kg, rearward-facing 0-18 kg
  • ISOFIX system and TOP TETHER belt


  • Crashtested: All Kinderkraft safety seats pass stringent impact testing that simulates real collision events at the globally renowned Dutch TASS INTERNATIONAL laboratories. Once on the commercial market, Kinderkraft safety seats must pass multiple stages of further checks.
  • ECE R44.04: All Kinderkraft products are designed and developed in compliance with European technical standards, and the high manufacturing quality is proven with the ECE R44.04 safety standard.
  • Intertek: The materials for the safety seat upholstery are made without any chemical treatment and have been tested for baby safety by INTERTEK, an acclaimed safety certification body. Rest assured: your baby’s comfort and safety are guaranteed.
  • Over 1 million car seats sold: Kinderkraft provides the highest levels of safety and comfort with utmost care for children travelling on the road and is pleased with the trust it has gained from you. Over a million of our products already provide children throughout Europe with a comfortable and safe journey, and the number keeps growing.



  • In two directions: VADO allows you to transport your child in the safest position, i.e. rearward-facing, up to 18 kg. Optionally, forward-facing, starting from 9 kg.
  • 5-point seat belt: VADO is equipped with 5-point internal seat belts, thanks to which the child can travel safely.
  • Safe base: The seat is mounted on a stable base, which increases the child's safety by taking the first impact force.
  • 4 correct installation indicators: The system of indicators ensures correct installation of the seat on the base, ISOFIX anchor point fastening, stretching the TOP TETHER belt and securing the child with internal belts.
  • Belt guides: Thanks to the belt guides, it is easy to correctly secure the child, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey.
  • Soft and safe: Soft seat belt and step protectors, always on the spot with the Anti-Slippery System, ensure your child's comfort and safety!
  • 5 seat cushion positions: The stroller can be set in 5 positions: 1 rearward-facing (RWF) and 4 forward-facing (FWF). Set them with one hand: let your child travel safely in a sitting or reclined position.
  • Safety inserts: VADO is equipped with 3 additional inserts for the youngest passengers, thanks to which you can adjust the seat to the size of the child.
  • Adjustable headrest: The headrest can be adjusted with one hand to suit your child's height and needs. You can choose from 11 positions.
  • Ease of seating the child: There are magnetic belt hooks on the sides of the covers, which make it easier to seat the child in and take it out of the safety seat.
  • Soft seat cushion: The comfortable, spacious seat cushion made of Intertek-approved materials ensures that the baby will always have a soft and comfortable place to sit.
  • Easy cleaning: The cover can be removed and washed. This will keep the seat looking good for many years to come.



Product weight: 14kg

Seat width: 46cm

Seat height: 62-77cm

Seat depth: 50cm

Weight group: ECE: O+/I/II 0-25 kg, RWF 0-18 kg

Warranty: 12 months

Vado Child Safety Seat with Isofix (Birth-25kg)

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