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Baby Milestone Cards

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A set of baby milestone cards that feature different developmental achievements. The perfect gift for creating lasting memories of a baby's first year.

The set contains 8 double-sided cards with 16 milestones. Perfect to capture your baby's milestones and memorable moments!

Size: 15 x 10cm
Material: 260gsm artcards
Comes with a drawstring pouch

  1. Today I am 1 day old
  2. Today I am 1 week old
  3. Today I am 1 month old
  4. Today I am 2 months old
  5. Today I am 3 months old
  6. Today is my half birthday
  7. Today I am 10 months old
  8. Today is my first birthday
  9. Today I smiled for the first time
  10. Today I rolled over for the first time
  11. Today I sat up for the first time
  12. Today I crawled for the first time
  13. Today I stood for the first time
  14. Today I walked for the first time
  15. Today I said 'Mama' for the first time
  16. Today I said 'Papa' for the first time

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