doomoo snoogy in rainbow print heating pad for babies
baby in doomoo cocoon and rainbow snoogy heating pad
baby lying in doomoo cocoon with rainbow snoogy placed on tummy
baby sleeping on doomoo softy and holding onto doomoo rainbow snoog
back print of doomoo rainbow snoogy
doomoo rainbow snoogy with lavender seeds inner part
doomoo snoogy heating instructions
doomoo snoogy icons
doomoo snoogy video

Doomoo Snoogy (Rainbow): Heatable Warming Soft Toy

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Goodbye bad cramps, hello sweet dreams. Making sure your baby doesn’t suffer from cramps has never been easier. Made of organic cotton, the Doomoo Snoogy: Rainbow contains a small and removable heating pad with rapeseed and lavender. Its comforting warmth helps relieve your baby’s stomach ache and gives off a light smell of lavender. And comfort for baby means sweet dreams for everyone, right?

Doomoo’s Snoogy consists of two parts: the soft Snoogy cover and the inner heat bag filled with rapeseed.

How to use it:

  • Take out the inner bag and heat it in the microwave at 700 watts for 45 seconds. Take it out and check the temperature. If you don’t have the desired temperature yet, heat it for another 15 seconds.
  • Place a glass of water in the microwave while heating the seed cushion.
  • Always check the inner bag’s temperature before using it.

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