The Importance Of Having A Chou Chou Pillow

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The Importance Of Having A Chou Chou Pillow

What is a Chou Chou?

Many of us probably have a personal comfort item, typically huggable and colloquially known as a Chou Chou. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is also known as ‘bantal busuk’ or ‘blankie’ - something personal you’ve had since young, and probably for the rest of your life.

Even now, Chou Chou remains a precious and intimate piece that many of us hold very dear to our hearts. Let’s take a look at why this unassuming item is irreplaceable in our lives.

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Chou Chous comes in different shapes and sizes, but they all share a distinctive feature – their scents. It represents your childhood and is also very likely to contain a mix of tears, drool, and sweat. Hence, the familiar scent formed over the years is very much acquired and is hardly appreciated by anyone else besides yourself.

For many, childhood is a nostalgic memory that remains ever so precious. It’s no surprise that one may get angry at the thought of having to, or someone washing their Chou Chou. Ironically, Chou Chou literally translates to ‘smelly’ in Chinese. But it’s precisely this stinky smell that makes it the most intimate and ‘personalized’ possession to you.

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Why do babies love it?

Chou Chous are crucial to a baby’s development to toddler, and subsequently childhood.

To a newborn, the world outside of the womb can be a wild and scary place. During their first development stage (typically the first 3 months), infants rely mainly on transitional objects to ease them into independence. They may also start to grip objects in their hands, not to mention it’s absolutely adorable to see their whole hand wrap around just one of your fingers!

Traditional Chou Chous in Singapore are filled with dried bean sprout husks for added comfort, and babies love them because it reminds them of their own mothers - soft, warm and gentle. Other forms are becoming increasingly popular in recent years, especially soft toys or pillows with cotton fillings as they are extremely huggable and soft to touch.

The Lollibly’s Cho Pillow comes with side buntings, perfect for little ones to practice their grip strength and curiosity. Usable as a cuddle pillow for your infant’s first few months with supervision, they can start using it as a pillow when they’re older. But most of the time, Cho functions best as a cuddle buddy.

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There’s no love like Cho love

Our bond with Chou Chou is a healthy attachment that stems from our instinctual need for human touch. As a parent, you’ll probably have the final say in choosing the best Chou Chou for your baby as they are too little to know or decide anything. 

Given the increasing importance of hygiene and cleanliness, getting a Chou Chou with a removable cover gives you the flexibility to wash it periodically (ideally with the owner’s permission, of course). In addition to having removable covers, Cho Pillows are available in 2 designs - Momo Bunny and Maru Bear, and 3 sizes for anyone and everyone to enjoy.

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Getting Cho very own Cho Pillows!

Who says you’re only able to get a Chou Chou from young? Just because you’ve missed out on this in the earlier stages of your life doesn’t mean that it’s too late to start now. Furthermore, now that you’re older, you’re able to better decide on your lifetime cuddle buddy. They also make great gifts to expecting mothers or a little one’s first birthday.

Find out if you’re Team Momo Bunny or Team Maru Bear, or you may very well end up collecting 'em all! Visit our websitecontact us or visit our virtual showroom to find out more!

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