baby toddler bamboo pillow baby toddler bamboo pillow

    Sweet dreams with the right baby pillow
    The right baby head pillow provides the perfect cushioning and support for a good night's sleep for your child. Not only does it soothe your child, but also an essential tool for the best sleep quality.

    The importance of a chou chou
    Many of us probably have a personal comfort item or security blanket, typically huggable and colloquially known as a Chou Chou. For those who are not familiar with this term, it is also known as ‘bantal busuk’ or ‘blankie’ - something personal you’ve had since young, and probably for the rest of your life. Even now, Chou Chou remains a precious and intimate piece that many of us hold very dear to our hearts. Let’s take a look at why this unassuming item is irreplaceable in our lives. Chou chous can be an important source of comfort for children, helping them to feel safe and secure in unfamiliar or stressful situations. They can also serve as a reminder of home and familiar surroundings when a child is away from home.It can be an important tool in helping children and adults cope with anxiety and stress.

    Get your Cho pilows at Hatchery Cribs
    Pick your chou chou from Cho by Lollibly, made from the softest materials. Spend above $60 to have your items delivered to your doorsteps for free.