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    Educational toys for babies
    There are a variety of toys available for babies, great for learning and engaging. Toddlers are curious little ones that get distracted at the sight of new objects, hence, keeping them constantly entertained can be a difficult task for parents. With educational toys, your little one will learn and engage with different objectives as these toys are designed to cultivate motor, sensory and cognitive development such as lacing, stacking building or creating. Parents often have trouble at the dining table as little ones might fuss around - consider having a reusable silicone colouring mat that acts as both a dining mat and a colouring activity that can help tend to these little bubs as you have your meals!

    Benefits of board games for kids
    Board games are great bonding activities for families and friends. For children in particular, board games can help to stimulate language development, life lessons and the value of individuality and teamwork. Simple board games for young toddlers can help to educate them about colours, shapes, sizes and develop hand-eye coordination. Board games for older kids are usually designed to have a strategic framework, which promotes healthy brain development and stimulates important soft skills such as planning, organizing and decision-making.

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