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    Need help figuring out what bedding suits your baby? Check out the following FAQs or get in touch with us if you need help!

    What should you look for in baby bedding in Singapore?

    As with most things, this depends on your baby’s age and a number of other factors. Generally, though, you want to look for baby bedding that is made of hypoallergenic materials, easy to wash, and fitted to the mattress or base it’s supposed to cover.

    When can a baby use a pillow?

    This depends on the type of pillow you’re talking about. Some pillows are designed specifically to help babies rest on a slope and can only be used when they can’t turn by themselves, for instance. Check our range of baby sleeping supports to learn more.

    At what age can babies use a blanket?

    There’s still some debate over this, but most feel that the dangers of blanket usage go down significantly once a baby hits a year old and are more or less absent once he reaches 18 months. You may want to go for the safer, latter option.