baby swaddle cloth

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    What are swaddles used for?

    Swaddles are made of a thin cloth used to wrap your little one up, giving a sense of security for your baby. Swaddling your baby can also help prevent their arms or legs from flailing around or scratching themselves, keeping them warm and cosy while they sleep.

    Is swaddling good for my baby?

    While swaddling can help with soothing and snoozing your baby, it is important to practice proper safety guidelines when wrapping your little one up. Ensure that your swaddle is not wrapped loosely around your baby as this could potentially cause suffocation. Your baby should be swaddled up snugly, but not too much, as it could hinder your baby's hip movement and development.

    What are baby soothers and what are they used for?

    Baby soothers offer your little bub soothing comfort and calm your baby to sleep, either in the form of a soother blanket or soother toy. A soother toy usually has white music or noise, accompanied with soft light that can help relax your baby for a better night sleep. A soother blanket acts as a security blanket for your little one. Your baby can get attached to their soother blanket, forming a bond that provides a sense of familiarity and security for them to feel at ease.

    Why do babies wear bibs?

    Bibs are essential for babies. Bibs for newborns are usually extra small cloth bibs that fit their necks perfectly. Newborns tend to spit up during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, hence, having bibs will help save parents the hassle of washing their clothes all the time. Silicone bibs or feeding time bibs are great for your little bub starting on solids, as they are easy to wash and clean up after a meal. These bibs are usually made of food-grade silicone that are safe for children.