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    When do I start reading to my baby?

    You can start reading to your baby as early as when they are still in mum's womb! Babies rely on familiarity and the most significant voices they will remember are voices they hear while in mom's womb. Although it may look silly, prenatal reading is also a wonderful way to start brain development and a great way to bond with your baby.

    Reading aloud to your little ones allows them to get exposed to words, shapes and colours that they will begin to recognize as they grow. So, go ahead and read aloud even though they may not understand a word you're saying.

    What books to read to my baby?

    Board books or cloth books are the best reading materials for babies, infants and toddlers as they are still learning to grip onto things. Cloth books are designed to produce noises when crinkled up, which keeps babies entertained. These books are usually filled with bright colours, large illustrations or different textures for babies to read, learn and familiarise.