fitted cot sheet

Cot Sheets


    What is a cot sheet?

    Cot sheets are commonly used as a layer of protection against leaks on your cot mattress, it is also used to beautify baby cribs and cot beds. As babies spend most of their time sleeping or lounging in their cot, it is important that the baby's bedding is a safe environment. It is important to ensure that the cot sheet is soft, breathable and fitted for the right cot size to prevent any suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome. 

    What are organic cotton cot sheets or bamboo sateen cot sheets?

    Both organic cotton and bamboo sateen are best choices for baby cot sheets as they are hypoallergenic, breathable and temperature-regulating. 

    Organic cotton is extremely gentle on your baby's skin as it's free from any chemicals while bamboo fibers are naturally resistant to bacteria and allergens, which helps to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies.

    With babies spending most of their time in the cot, it is important to have cot sheets that are made of breathable and safe materials. Cot sheets that are made of non-breathable and safe materials usually traps chemical residue that could lead to rashes, dizziness or headaches. 

    Why do you need to get a fitted sheet for a baby cot?

    A fitted cot sheet will fit snugly on all four corners of the mattress. This helps to prevent obstruction of your baby's breathing, and the crumpling of sheets as your baby moves around. Having a cot sheet that has elastic all around the sheet, and not just the corners, makes it easier to have it fit nicely on the cot bedding.

    How many cot sheets do you need?

    It depends on how often you plan to change your cot sheet. In general, having three to four cot sheets is usually more than enough! However, having spare cot sheets will be helpful when unpredictable spills or messes occur. Just ensure that the crib sheets are washed and cleaned regularly for the comfort of your baby. 

    Do we need a cot mattress protector?

    Yes, you should consider getting a cot mattress protector. Even though you have a cot sheet as the protective layer between the messes and the bedding, having a cot mattress protector further prevents any stains on the mattress such as vomit or split milk. Having a soiled mattress protector is much easier to clean than a soiled mattress!

    We carry a variety of organic cotton cot sheet designs at Hatchery Cribs, as well as cot mattress protectors for U.S.-sized mattresses. Visit us at our showroom to have a touch and feel of the cot sheets and mattress protectors available.